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Introductory Paragraph

Ntam and Bernice here! Two sixty-something years old folks; have stuck together as a couple, through irks, perks and aches of life, and amid some cultural differences; have raised 5 children altogether and blessed with 5 grandchildren and one great-grandchild; and as parents with backgrounds in social work and development economics, have learned a lot in the areas of decision making for family-wellbeing. As we attempt to document lessons learned (and still being learned), we welcome you to our blog. We hope you find it informational and educational enough for you to bookmark and come back to it as often as possible.


Two sixty-something years old folks; one retired as a social worker from the VA Medical Center, and the other one retiring very soon from teaching and doing Extension work at an HBCU in the US south. Have raised 5 children altogether (ages 29, 35, 48, 48 and 50) and blessed with 5 grandchildren (ages 11, 13, 17, 19 and 21) and one great-grandchild. The children have all gone to college or trade schools.

One child went to a nursing school after several years in the army. She has been working as an Licensed Practical Nurse and has gone back to nursing school to become a Registered Nurse. The second one went to an HBCU where she obtained a degree in computer sciences, also after a few years in the military. She works in the cyber security industry. Our third child went to a trade school to become a plumber and works assiduously at many different jobs.

The other two children went to what is called here, Ivy schools. One is a medical doctor, and the other one, a lawyer. We feel very that all our children have grown up to become loving and responsible citizens (all most all of them!), with different levels of economic success in their lives. You will not be able to guess who is more successful financially!


First, we stuck together as a couple, through irks, perks and aches of life, and amid some cultural differences. Remember that I am from DRC-Africa, and she is from Alabama. In addition, we did not come childless to the union. I brought one child in and she brought two!

Second, we were determined early on that we were going to be a “family”, not a “blended family”. Although this was easier said than done, we are among the happiest parents on earth for having achieved the one-family status.

It thus took hard work, willingness to forgive oneself and each other, trials and errors and good luck before we realized that we were on an auto pilot and steady course of personal and family growth for the last 30 years or so.


Through our four decades of life together, we must have learned one thing or two about family togetherness, raising children, healthy lifestyles, personal finance management, proper nutrition, family decision processes, etc. We also tended to bring our professional backgrounds into play in our regularly held meetings when it came to economic, personal finance and social issues or challenges to the family.

As we move into retirement, we have continued to hold our now two-person pow-wows to reminisce about the past, talk about and evaluate any current opportunities or challenges that come with age. In the process, we will continue to develop solutions and now, start documenting lessons learned for sharing, not only with our children and grandchildren but also with as many people out there who can benefit from our modest experiences in life.


This site is a network that provides education, a social forum, and inspiration for families from two sixty-something years old parents and grandparents, with backgrounds in social work and development economics. We provide consumer information and expertise from a truly tried, lived and educated perspectives.

We are also inviting likeminded people to join in our conversations and share their ideas and family success stories.

If you ever need personal discussion or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and we will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best to you!

Ntam & Bernice

Recent Comments


I like the theme/niche of your site. Put in some good work on your site and you will do well from your efforts best of luck. -Age-

This is great stuff! Thank you for sharing. But how did you meet?
I am really honoured and thank you for connecting with me.


Hey Tom,

I came to a university in Kentucky for graduate school, one year before she did. We both were living in a married student/graduate student on-campus apartment complex.

One day, I was coming from school, minding my own business, and she ...

No, you were not asking for those details!

We met in Kentucky in 1979!


Hi you two! Ntam & Bernice!

It's so lovely to see couples here on WA sharing there journey with each other :)

The topic of "family togetherness" seems to be an awesome idea to write about in a blog.

I just checked your other post, where you write about your other niche ideas....

Some ideas I had while reading:

Writing "Reviews" on the available online marketing groups & their strategies is a great idea too, I think.
Honest reviews written by trustworthy people are a great help and of great value. Personally, I discovered WA, because I read a very well researched & in-depth review on a blog ;)

"All Foods Organic and Healthy Behavior/Lifestyles"
This could be a great topic as well, because it has lots of sub-categories to explore.
You could post recipes, reviews on kitchen items, etc.
You could post articles related to your perspective - having raised kids successfully.

If your topic means a lot to you, then this LOVE will show in the content your produce. And it will attract people to listen. And you will love to write about it, because you believe in what you say. You will be authentic.

I will stop now! :D I hope this brain-storming is helpful for you.

Please keep us all updated about your progress!

The WA community is such an awesome place - wish you all the best, Benita

Thanks a bunch, Benita, for taking time to read and give great comments and suggestions on our ideas.
You are very much appreciated!
Ntam and Bernice

You are welcome, Ntam & Bernice ! :)

Thank you for sharing your family success & goals.

Best wishes,

Enjoyed reading your wonderful post, thanks for sharing it with all of us.

welcome. you have a lot to be proud of not to mention more than 50 years of marriage I'm guessing. congratulations.

Welcome. I see that you have already gotten off to a good start on the training. Keep following the training and it will help you to achieve your goals. If you should have any problems reach out to the community for help.

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