I cant help but wonder!

Last Update: July 26, 2018

Hi guys! Hope we all are having a great sunny summer! Left for me, i did be vacationing somewhere far from home in some nice well tendered beach...

"if only wishes were horses"

So i had this experience i wanted to share with you guys as it has left me wondering more at this almighty google!

Usually i publish my posts through sitecontent and then edit in wordpress to add the neccesary images and links and all formating that needs to be done.

So a few days ago, i published a post and edited in wordpress , and whilst in the process of editing , i got called away and had to abandon the work half way through. On getting back to finish up the work, i realised i had new notifications, and they were for my content being indexed, but to my greatest surprise this very post i was editing was one of them! I mean how is that even possible!

That is a question i have been asking myself since then, how is that possible? Or does it mean google now crawls our work in progress, or the fact that it is under editing does not matter?

I am just baffled and thought i should share with you guys, just incase someone else has experienced such, or can give me better explanation to that.

Thank you all for your time and remain richly blessed.


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Nadja3 Premium
And you haven't published the content, so it was just DRAFT status. This is really strange...
VeronicasLuv Premium
Grandpa Google sees all!
Nqueen Premium
Hahaa. I guess so. That name really soothes it or him or her, whatever form it takes.
JerryMcCoy Premium
Baffling is it not.
Nqueen Premium
Yes Jerry, very much!
HarveyBrown Premium
Hello Nnakife, if you had published, which I believed you did from SiteContent, then it was posted on your website and the search engines had access, even though you decided to edit in Wordpress. Not to worry you can still complete your editing. It can only make your post stronger and rank higher.
Nqueen Premium
Yea... i gues that's true. Thanks for dropping by
CandP Premium
That really was super fast, but who's complaining? Guess it must have been an awesome post!
Colette and Philip
Nqueen Premium
Thank you guys, i was just amazed at the possibility. I thought a post in edit mode is as good as unpublished.