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February 07, 2021
Now I have finished a new milestone, something which was very far away almost four years ago. In May 2017, I started my most crucial website. I have all things under about the site in many ways as it is crucial for my future. I put on hold two others I have and are now soon start working with again, and delete the fourth.It has been a big journey with a difficult high and low on the way. Covid has been for it, but it is now rising again (slowly but steady, I hope), but a lot of work left till I
I just wanted to send all my friends here a Merry Christmas and a happy new year whiches!Remember it is important too, to build up energy so I hope that you relax a little, at least, these 13 Christmas days! I know that I will!May God give you all good health and happiness at Christmas time and in the year 2021!I sure that next year will be the year of all WA members and their families!
September 27, 2019
Even so, I always try to have the view over my main site; an happy surprise was waiting for me in last week!I was using a tool for counting words on my site. I had been looking for a useful tool for a while without success. I had to find out that Jaaxy was not 100% about posts and wanted to find a tool with good recommendations from users, real users. I got a hint from friends about this tool. I have been working in to have my posts longer, but friendly and easy to read at the same time.I have
Hi WA members.I just wanted to say Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2019!This 13 days of Christmas come up on excellent time!Most people here in Iceland don´t work at the weekends. And 22 and 23 of December is weekends days! So why is it essential.Well, that mean the longest possible holidays in the holy days! 22 and 23 (which we always call Thorlakur) of December is free days because it is weekends. The most important Christmas day for many in Iceland is the 24th. Because The Christm
November 05, 2018
I have been in WA for a long time and are very happy to be here. It is one of the places in this business I trust. Strong words but true.But for the first time, I got nad experience yesterday evening. Nothing severe but I haven´t manage to stop thinking about it, so I decided to talk about it here.What I always have like most is a positive atmosphere here in WA, and this is the first time I saw pay it forward ideology in action.There has been a massive development in the site comments. Mo
October 09, 2018
Hi all.It is two things about the comments I want to mention.1) Last days have few people sent me to comment for my blog on WA with the right method, comments I have asked about and both important for me and I am happy to get.But. They have sent to direct on my website which I absolutely love to get. The problem is that they use absolute the same comments as in WA! That is impossible to answer 100% the same comment even so it is from another gravatar account (some cases it had been the same nam
September 19, 2018
I got a new milestone today when I published my post number 100 on my main website! And it was around 4300 words, so it took time!I have changed a lot of things last 2-3 weeks which have made a lot of effort, and sometimes tricky thought if it was right to do this rather than that!But I believe it was right even, so it has been a massive work to change things, take significant steps in development, etc.What I have done is that I have decided to use two methods with keywords research/strategy in
I just want to remember all of you to be careful about the posts you get. Give you a few seconds to think is it´s from the person/company it looks like or if it could be a trick.Today I got a post from Amazon Affiliate which looks be from them but I had some feeling so I decided to ask Amazon. This post was not from them. The reason I doubt the post was that I was asked to answer questions in a survey. I was ready for that but the first question was about my Amazon ID which was strange.
Have you been wondering how to make money online free? I sure did wonder for a very long time until I bumped into WA. You see, every other blog out there keeps feeding you with a lot of baseless information only to disappoint you in the end with a “spammy” affiliate link. And in most cases, these links demand payment before you can join the programs. This article is geared to help you earn income online for free. For starters, let me answer one of the most common questions:Can I Ma
I want to tell you from an idea I have had in many years but still not finish to do. But first I need to tell you why I´m telling you about it because I don´t have any besserwiser in mind, just learning from the experience of others.Last week, 5th of April, was a huge fire in my town Gardabaer. Which is in 10 minutes driving from the Capital in Iceland. 6.000 square meters house is destroyed by it and this is one of the biggest fire in Iceland. I know many years know the Icelandic c