It's Not Easy, But It Will Probably be Worth the Pain

Last Update: April 22, 2019

I have been all over the internet to try and find something that will helpbuild my finances and support my children. And.... I have found nothing so far!

I stumbled into Wealthy Affiliates a month ago. I know, I am a bit slow - but I have to earn a living - I cannot rely on trying to build my own website and not do anything. It won't feed a family of five - at least not at this time.

I have been reading a lot of comments on WA dashboard and some of them are very encouraging, others inspirational. Raising kids on my own, I do need help. And having started with WA made me feel like I have an extended family. People are always there to support, to give advise and to assure me that I may be slow, but it will be worth the sacrifice I am doing right now.

Trying to find a niche or probably a number of niches to build within WA is never easy. There were a lot of good suggestions from members who have been here for years now and a lot of them are successful in their own areas. No harmt aking in all their comments and suggestions - you can only do so much and take in so much but end of the day, hey those advise will help immensely.

I am still working my way through my first WA website and I do hope I will become successful because I am not just building my way up, I am building my kids' future!

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apache1 Premium Plus
Hi Noreen

You have a very important goal you created in building for your kids future and as you have seen building a website is easy but it does take time and effort.

Do what you need to do with your work to continue to support your family while working online. The rewards will certainly come to you as you continue to apply what is taught along with the effort you put in.

Don't tell yourself you are being slow as you stated you have a family that comes first.

Just continue to believe in yourself and know you are doing great.

Wishing you well


PS if you need to ask questions to the community then go for it we are here to help and support each other as well.

Something you won't find in other places.:))
Noreen101 Premium
Thanks André. I really hope this one would work alright.
apache1 Premium Plus
You are most welcome Noreen you will find so much information here you won't get anywhere else and Kyle and Carson know what they are doing and teaching.
This place is the end of searching and the beginning of success for all of us online.

Stay Blessed and continue to go forward