Understanding change might be the key to your success

Last Update: May 31, 2020

Again, I am going to write this post focused on the newcomer to the platform. Change is an incredible process that everyone goes through now and then in various aspects of our lives.

Change can be devastating for many people because it mostly happens without the individual's consent in case of a traumatic event or a major shift in lifestyle etc. This kind can never be reversed and usually difficult to deal with except responding to circumstances until the light at the end of the tunnel the only way to ride it out is to find a better way to manage it.

Over the years I have learnt that change always has a possibility for positive outcomes no matter what it is the only factor becomes the awareness of that individual going through change.

By awareness I mean, is the individual even aware that they are going through change? If they are to what extent are they?

Awareness has varying intensities as per individual experience. I am going to zoom in even more on the making money online scenario which I hope is how you came to know abut WA in the first place.

Mindset and awareness of change

Now lets say you are on this platform with limited computing skills, like me you are working a 9-5 you maybe are bored to your eyeballs with the daily grind and you want a quicker ticket out of there.

All in the sentence above is about change. For some may be experiencing the genesis of change, for some it may be at an advanced stage and there is no way you can stop the process once it begins.

Unless you realise that your mind and life is undergoing change right now, you will fight very strongly to keep habits and thinking patterns of the past self which ends up conflicting your need to attain whatever goals you set yourself.

That urge to search for a better way of making money online or offline was part of this genesis of your kind of change I am talking about. The reason you signed up is that your mind and life needs a change and you will self defeat that urge if you do not realise that you are undergoing a change.

Those thoughts of boredom with the daily grind will never go away no matter how much money they give you or promotions you get, you will still feel the need for a change and it only gets more intense.

The most powerful faculty of change is the mindset, without changing your mindset you will struggle in progressing at the pace even trajectory you would expect.

This leads to all kinds of frustrations and disappointments because you will be trying to manage your change using the same habits and mindset that brought you to where you are exactly, a point of dissatisfaction-which is even more frustrating.

You mostly will self destruct because you feel like there is no progress and you do not really have control over what and how you do it.

That is why some people fail to find resonance in platforms like this and they end up quitting because they have not realised that they are undergoing change and are not aware how to change the mindset.

Shift from Employee to Entrepreneur

Let me make an example. For those of us who start online business whilst holding a full time employ it is easy to find out that even though you are going through training here, you have limited mindset of an employee even a job seeker if you do not have a job.

You will find it even more heavy to move forward if you approach this with the mindset of an employee or a job seeker because habits and memories associated with that will cripple your outlook into that of struggle and toil.

You will give in easily when you meet challenges because that is what disgruntled employees do, less effort and even lesser initiative to move beyond your borders of comfort. Inspiration runs dry very easy because you are not charged with the right kind of energy yo pursue your own goals.


You need to begin thinking like an entrepreneur even before you see any real progress, that is super important because that signals to your whole being that you are in control of your change and you begin to transition from an employee into a serious EMPLOYER.

This is where awareness at a conscious level becomes important. You need to deliberately convince yourself that you are aware that you need a change, that you are actually going through change and you are going to manage change. If you have this awareness it becomes super easy to take control of situations and have enough patience to use the advises that you get from the community, you will struggle to implement some advises on the platform with a wrong mindset.

I hope this somehow makes sense to someone out there.


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