Language barrier cheat sheet

Last Update: May 27, 2020

I observe a couple of non english speaking newcomers seem to strugle with their writing tasks of the training. I hope the following strategy that I use will help.

I have seen a couple of these requests on the Live chat threads. one that stood out for me was asking about writing a review for WA and English seems to be a challenge.

1.) First I would say think of it this way: When you think, you always think in your mother tounge,

2.) When you smile, you get inspired and you get satisfied, it is always in your mother toungue.

3.) Even when you speak in english you use English words and vocabulary but your thoughts always initiate in your mother toungue then your conscious thinking mind works with lightening speed to match each word, wach syllable and each expression of your thougths with a matching equivalent in English.

This happens in nano seconds so you do not even feel it even though you might get anxious at time.

All I am saying is that you always speak in mother toungue even when you speak a foreign language to you.

I would say begin by writing in your mother tongue. Just imagine that you are telling a story about WA to your 90-year-old grandmother whom you love spending time with.

Tell her the story about this online business community as you would tell her about your visit to some exotic community in a far land.

You would tell her about the culture; how they marry, how they bury, how they treat strangers, how they deal with problems, how they mentor their young ones, their education system, their law and order and justice system, their economy and how they sustain all this as an ecosystem.

You will try to make her feel each emotion, excitement, anticipation, relaxation, confidence not forgeting those little kinks that you maybe were not so happy about, like you forgot your sunscreen etc.

Remember to write this on a word document or a notepad or paper in your mother tongue. you are halfway to finishing line.

All you need to do next is just follow the structure that is suggested on the training on how to put it then:

1. Product definition
2. What is product about ?
3. who is this product for ?
4. How to get started with this product ?
5. product pricing
6. Does this product work ?
7. Pros and Cons
8. your own opinion...

The last part is spending some time translating it to the English language, you can even ask someone who can help from your network, family even give it to a high school student to translate it for you.

I hope it makes sense. I do this as well.

Humble Regards

Nomasi!! Silwa!!

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Thank you for sharing the post.
Stay safe.

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Great advice
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And keep practicing.
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Very good advice.