It worth not doing.

Last Update: September 27, 2015

Do you know the difference between a professional blogger and a newbie blogger?a professional blogger learns from their mistakes but a newbie does not.

A newbie is not someone who just started blogging though is a common term here.A newbie is someone who doesn't learn from their mistakes.

Are you blogging for so many days or you just started?Let's check out whether you a newbie or not?

Changing your wordpress theme so many times in a week.

Suprised!!!you will do this if you are a complete beginner.Always changing your theme daily.WORDPRESS has many themes to choose from and at Wealthy affiliate we have people with nice website designs,navigation and layout.Try not to copy from someone design and website.

How to change:stop the behaviour of updating your theme always instead concentrate on writing quality content for your website.There is a blog by Nathaniel for some recommended themes you can use.

Looking at your google analytics all the time.

This sounds weird for some of you but what is the use of spending all the day and time just looking at your stats?instead set a time in the week to see your progress.Constantly looking at your stats has some major issues on the individual.It is good to know your progress but limit it.

Looking at your alexa rank often

I do not know the number of people who use this.What is the use just sitting down and staring at your rank? Updating often will help raise your rank.

You feel lazy to write frequently

You should be consistent in updating your blog.It doesn't mean writing a blog daily instead constantly updating.Strive for consistency not perfection.Perfection is illusion.

Not proof reading your blog before publishing

Publishing your content without reading through to correct mistakes and grammar.This is one major way google use to detect quality content.

Finally:No one is more than you.Think yourself a professional blogger even if you a newbie blogger and start avoiding these points above.It is a waste of time.I was once a victim of all these until I changed my blogging style.

Feel free to like and comment below for us to know your experience so far.Also don't forget to go through the training by Kyle and Carson accordingly.NO GET RICH QUICK STYLE.THE SKY IS OUR LIMIT

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bronco549 Premium
Great post. I think everyone goes thru these mistakes and soon learn to correct their work system. I have been doing this for a year now and not really making any money yet. That's why joined WA 10 days ago. My other training site was not getting to where I want to be. I think it will happen here with all the training and helpful blogs like yours. To be honest, I don't even know how to check my stats. Wish I did.
nkay Premium
Hi Branco,YOUR ONLINE JOURNEY JUST BEGUN SOME FEW DAYS AGO.It is such a wise decision since the knowledge gain here is more than been in the university.I am an information system science student and can bet on the fact Wealthy affiliate has helped me be at top of MY colleagues since i do apply some basics here in my studies.
My simple advise is kindly walk-through the video systematically and remember it is not a get rich quick scheme.Your success is guaranteed if you take it seriously and please do not follow those mistakes above since it can slow your movement and progress.
Yesterday was my 4th month here and has been able to refer two people not forgetting that i am just at the third lesson.How much completing.My aim is the ambassadorial position. best of luck nkay