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September 27, 2015
Do you know the difference between a professional blogger and a newbie blogger?a professional blogger learns from their mistakes but a newbie does not.A newbie is not someone who just started blogging though is a common term here.A newbie is someone who doesn't learn from their mistakes.Are you blogging for so many days or you just started?Let's check out whether you a newbie or not?Changing your wordpress theme so many times in a week.Suprised!!!you will do this if you are a complete beginner.
September 26, 2015
It is too early to quit blogging.Failing is something you and I doesn't want to hear.Rather we want to be successful and make money for ourselves.With these expectations why then do only few bloggers succeed and bunch of newbie bloggers withdraw in just some weeks and months in their blogging career?Are you into just get rich quick scheme blogging?I hope not.The reason is failure.Does it mean famous bloggers DO NOT MAKE MISTAKES?They do and even the silliest ones you might think of but they lea