Goals Goals Goals but.

Last Update: April 11, 2018

Which one are you?

These 2 images have made me take a step back and think. Up until now I have had the mindset of the image on the left. Why do you ask? I have been under the impression that only I can pave my own way and what I put in is what I will get out. Now to some extent this is true and I still do believe this but my approach has shifted over the past month or so. I have had a chance to have a long hard think what I want to do and deep down I come back to having goals but the way forward is in order to help yourself, you must help those around you.

Some may say but what about the second image, there is only one goal, I interpret this image in a way that the main goal is a collective goal for all members at WA - and that is to be successful in achieving each individual goals.

Keep looking ahead and remain positive :-)

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JerryMcCoy Premium
When you help someone else achieve a goal you are also helping yourself, you are helping someone else think through all of their decision phases it helps you to understand what type of decision you will have to make thus making you decision making process easier