Bit of a set back. but keep your head up and continue

Last Update: April 23, 2018

On reflection this weekend has been bit of a "write off" (as they say it). Last week was going so well, each night I managed to work on my website about an hour each night and help out in the community.

My normal work day on Friday brought so many queries and just general crap that I came home feeling disheartened, lost and questioning my ability in my profession. More so my blood pressure was sky-rocketing and just tired. My brain wanted me to turn my laptop on and work but my eyes kept closing. I thought I would get good night rest and tackle it in the morning before I left to attend a wedding celebration.

Saturday 6am, alarm went off, but hit the snooze as I was just so tired. Finally, I managed to drag myself out at 7.30am, got ready and realised there was not enough time for me to even log onto to WA or work on my website.

In short, we spent 3 hours in traffic, get 0.7 miles from the venue only to see that the police had closed off the parameter due to a person walking around with a machete and a petrol can threatening to set it alight. So a further 1.5 hours stuck in grid lock traffic, unable to get to the venue as there was only 1 way in and out and the police had closed it off. We missed the wedding ceremony and made the decision to turn back and head home.

About 20 mins into the journey, whilst on the motorway my car breaks down, pulled over to the services and the car would not start. Called the recovery to take us home, took 7 hours for us to be recovered home (80 mile journey) and we reached home at 10pm, tired, hungry and angry. I wound myself up more as I did not get a chance again to work on sat as I had all these ideas in my head that I wanted to implement on my site.

Sunday - woke up with a really bad migraine, which resulted me not doing much for the rest of the day.

Then it was back to work today, the same feeling of unhappiness, no longer wanting to be there etc came back.

When I got home, it gave me a chance to reflect over the past few days. Although I have not worked on my site, not logged on into the community, my ranking has gone down and generally feel like I have taken 3 steps back. I realsied that these days are going to happen, keep in sight your goal (mine is to hand my notice in and work from home), this helped me re focus my mind and makes me even more determined to carry on working. Also, reading the success stories within the community, grounded me to keep me in check.

So never give up, it is during those testing times when you show your positive mentality where you will build your solid foundation...KEEP GOING!!!

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Aoliviere Premium
Life sucks sometimes. It can deal you the worst hand but we still have to be grateful that we have lived to see another day and still have the opportunity to work on our goals, even if we feel like we’ve moved backwards. It’s ok to have some setbacks, everyone has them. As long as you keep on trucking, you’ll get where you want to go eventually. All the best!
dragonfly10 Premium
Dear Nitesh,
You are an inspiration to me. I have been living those days, but I'm a stay at home Mom, homeschooling my 14-year-old son. I don't have the worries of outside job. My son feels he is in crisis. He completed high school studies, the end of the term, last fall. This year he started to attend our local Community College. The college has not worked out, for he is still very young and leads a somewhat sheltered life. Boy Scouts and our church community being his social outlets. We are allowing him to homeschool for the rest of the year. He will be writing a thesis on the Civil War. During his crisis, it was hard for me to stay focused on WA. Trying to get up early or stay up late, was hard for me. But your blog was the inspiration I needed to refocus myself. It helped me realize I am not the only one to face lifes challenges. Every one of us must overcome the lifes stumbling blocks and remained focus on our goals. I explained to my son that he is too young to have a life crisis. For he has his father and me will always, be with him no matter what. Now he is focused on a new project the civil War and attending our local high school one day week to broaden his horizons. I have re-focused on my goals with WA. Thank you for your courage to share, words of inspiration and the reality check.
Sincerely Sandy
NiteshMistry Premium
thanks you for your kind comments, it realy does make me think how well this community works togther. i do hope your son finds a path that is well suited to him. i can resonate partly on how he feels - some of the educational decsions I have made on reflection may not have been the most suitable for me. I am positiove by allowing him this time to find his way will pay divedens in the long term.

I hope you can too acheive your goals and if you need any help or a talk more than welcome to message me :-)
WendaSue Premium
That’s so true. Life happens. When it does, we have 2 choices. Either quit or persevere. Looks like you chose the right way. Keep on keeping on, my Friend.
All the best,
NiteshMistry Premium
many thanks for your encourgament, I dont want to look back in 3 months time and think why did I quit. Good luck with your goals