I had an epiphany this morning!

Last Update: January 12, 2018

I had an epiphany this morning as I was trying to explain to my wife, Annabel, what I was doing with my online business. She really hasn't been all that supportive, which I believe stems from her total lack of interest or understanding of the internet, other than email, some Facebook time, and the occasional Google search. It hasn't helped that in the last 9 months when I first started that I jumped around in different opportunities and spent a lot of money before finding and settling on Wealthy Affiliate (WA) and reined in the spending.

I started with internet marketing and e-commerce, probably like a lot of people, with promises of easy, quick money and passive income, just to discover it actually takes a lot of time, effort, focus, consistency, daily active involvement, and, yes, some financial investment, which can actually be quite substantial depending on which approach to sales and growth you take. I believe my enthusiasm and expectation of making quick, substantial money is what made Annabel so suspect. In fact, about my newfound online business venture, she once asked me in anguish, "This isn't just another Amway deal, is it?

So, this morning, I was explaining to Annabel that creating a new online business took time, that it starts with getting the education and training, implementing the training, creating the foundation, developing products (content) and a marketing plan to get customers (traffic), and then scaling and growing the business on a continual basis; that it takes consistency, effort, and focus, none of which I admitted I had been giving my business in the last few months

I analogized it to my former careers and businesses in law, real estate, and mortgage. I first had to go to school and get the education and license, then I had to go hustle for the business, whether that was through marketing, promoting personal and professional relationships, developing trust, credibility, and, over time, simply prove my competency and value to current and prospective clients and industry partners, that I also had to continually invest money back into it. And that was my epiphany! Starting and growing an online business is really not much different than building any other type of business, whether it be offline or online.

I assured Annabel this morning, as I was re-assuring myself, this is legitimate business opportunity that will take time and that I will make money within a reasonable period of time if I do my job to get the training and pursue ongoing education, develop my website(s), create content, implement a sensible, effective marketing plan, analyze results and adjust as needed, seek support or outsource as needed, invest and re-invest wisely in my business, all on a consistent, focused, and committed basis, hmmm . . . kind of like a "real" job or offline business.

I think this is why WA resonated with me, since no one here has ever claimed this would be easy or quick, i.e., no B.S. and hyperbole just to get people to sign up. WA speaks for itself, as does everyone in this community, as far as what an excellent business opportunity this is with a legitimate way to make money, and potentially lots of it. It's easy to get discouraged, impatient, and frustrated, but entrepreneurs persevere. And that, again, is no different for entrepreneurs in the offline business.

So, how has your journey and progress been here at WA and with your online business? I'd love to hear about it, especially from those who have been here a while and have seen some real financial success. Cheers!


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HelenpDoyle Premium
Think of it this way. If making money was so easy everyone would be doing it and raking in the dough. The result would be that money would end up with no value!
botipton Premium
You are exactly right building a business anywhere takes time. Why would on here be different then any other place.

The good thing just like your other careers we get back what we put into it. Nothing more nothing less.