Sowing the seeds of love

Last Update: November 06, 2015

Reap what you sow, they say. Well, I gotto say, harvesting love is really cool.

While I haven't made any direct sales through my website since I started here at WA some 6 weeks ago, I do declare that have had some major successes as an indirect result of starting my website and doing the WA course:

  • I have upped my presence and blogging considerably on many of the social media platforms - and this resulted in making more connections and follow ups on my interests and loves as encompassed by my niche than I ever thought possible;
  • I have invested in a new business starting next year which is all I ever dreamed of - and only because I have followed the lessons, connected with cool people and products in my niche, and followed up on leads online towards my pot of gold - watch this space;
  • I have pushed my dreams and been able to hug my family by taking them on my dream journey with me to such an extent that my family and I are together making that dream real - watch this space;
  • I have been able to help, enlighten, and most of all been helped and enlightened by numerous people on this WA platform with a great many WOW's and EUREKAs for me, even at this day and age... ;
  • I have rekindled my love for nature tenfold, and my specific love for gardening - vegetable gardening in particular - has hit my happy buttons time and time again. Hence this article that follows:

Changing the world, as we know, starts with myself. At home. Saving the world, it goes to follow, also starts with myself. At home. So I say, let's change the world AND save it - one SEED at a time.

This is my veggie patch at home in my suburban garden one month ago:

THIS is how I change the world. And save myself.

And FEED my family.

It's so simple. And soooo beautiful. Not to mention - sooo delicious.

And healthy.

Now look at my veggie patch:

Beans, cabbage, herbs, spinach, beetroot, chilly peppers, tomatoes, pumpkins, green peppers, and yes even papinos in the middle of suburbia, Joburg South Africa...

A website is like a garden. Patience, persistence. And enjoyment.

Have you started your veggie patch yet?

I'm loving it!

Check here for some ideas u can try for yourself to boost the growth and yield of your vegetable garden.

With love.


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KatieMac Premium
Nice post and so very true we need to be always nurturing out garden have a wonderful weekend
RonAlderman Premium
Great post. You have a green thumb for sure!
kennick2015 Premium
Unfortunately I live in apartments. But nice post!
Nikodemis Premium
Plant in pots, boxes and other cool containers in window sills etc. Indoor farming is all the range and huge vertical farms, indoors, are gonna save our human race in the future as we slowly run out of land to use for the traditional horizontal farming...