Happy Friday!

Last Update: October 22, 2015

So it's Friday! Happy day. Vrydag (in the Afrikaans language) which means Free Day.

But do I feel totally free?

Is freedom about taking off my tie after a hard week of 9-5 slog? Or chillin out and celebrating after being my own (slave driving) boss for another glorious week? Is it about kicking off my shoes, letting my hair down and pouring myself a well earned drink?

Or is it about choosing win-win. My freedom choices also meaning your freedom choices. My freedom to choose with integrity. To Live The Life - Responsibly...?

What is YOUR freedom?

“Green Earth Moon” by George Makar

For me Freedom starts with the most basic lifestyle choices I make - choosing to ACT so my choices also FREE the Earth of having to cater to my every need as a parasite on this planet.

For me it starts at home - in the kitchen in fact.

Sure, I eat green, I cook on solar or gas, separate my waste for recycling and I compost my kitchen scraps.

BUT - does my compost benefit the Earth? Or does it simply release more harmful gasses into the atmosphere and add more greenhouse yuckies to the global climate change crisis?

And What, if I may ask, do YOU do with your kitchen scraps? Where does your waste food go? The left over cooked food (that hungry children DO NOT GET, but should?) To the municipal landfill? To your compost heap to attract rats?

I have found peace. And great joy, I must tell u. Yes, I am a reborn kitchen scrap recycler - a happy leftover cooked food composter. Indoors of all places!


Go check this out: http://www.greenlivingforfreedom.com/green-kitchen

for HOW, WHY, WHERE and WHEN and WHAT to do with your leftover food, from bones to meat to dairy to pasta to, well just about everything. Bokashi composting - way to go.

Eat healthy and green, recycle healthy and green.

And watch your garden, your pot plants, your veggie patch, your life, yes the Earth, go green.

Have a FREE Friday.

Have a Green Friday.

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KatieMac Premium
Hi there is too much waste in the world, where I live we have small bins for food waste it is recycled , same goes for glass, tins, cardboard, paper and even clothes and shoes... have a wonderful weekend