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Last Update: Jun 5, 2022

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Good afternoon Wealthy Affiliates! I hope everyone has had a blessed weekend!

My inspiration today is this:

"Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don't."

I'm not sure who said it, but it does inspire me. To remember that you have something to learn from everyone! You never "fully" complete training. There's always more to learn.

Even if it's just to learn a different perspective or a different way of thinking to help you accomplish a task. There is very rarely going to be a true CAN'T in your life. Merely an I DON'T TRY KNOW HOW, BUT I WILL!!

It's important to remember the little things and not always focus on just the big things you want to accomplish.

Remember every day is a blessing and you are more fortunate than you know!

Just a small thought to complete my Sunday.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and is ready for the week ahead!!

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Very enjoyable post. Yes everyone we meet deserves a smile or a HI. I know, I personally do to man people daily, and it is funny how many respond, and will share a thought or a brief conversation. I love speaking with peope, and getting to know what their thinking of, or why they are out, and what they are purchasing, just everyday gab. lol

I do a lot of that. lol My kids have aways told me since they were children, Mommie, why do you talk to everybody? I would tell them, I enjoy people and you never know who you might be, or learn something.

Thank you for the pleasant message. You have a pretty smile, I am sure people you meet see that.

A smile or a HELLO goes a long way, and could make someone's day.

Have a blessed week.


Thank you! I smile a lot! And I will eagerly greet anyone, you never know it may brighten or change the outlook their day!! There is so much negativity these days, I try to spread all of the positivity I can. And kind words go far!!
My daughter asks me all the time, "do you know them?" If I say hello to a stranger or have a brief conversation with someone. The answer is usually no, and she still struggles to understand why, lol. Hopefully I'll instill that positivity in very one day!!
Thank you very much for your kind words!! Hope you have an amazing week!!

That has kind of been a foundational principle of life for me. I can learn something from everyone I meet if I just put myself in a position to here. Even some of the really bad things can point me in a different direction and save me from trouble. Great post.

Yes sir! It's about identifying the things that hinder us and seeking the knowledge to help move us forward! Thank you!!

You are welcome.

And an excellent collection of thoughts that they are, Nikki!

We must always try not to forget the little things because it is the little things which make up the much larger things in life!

I hope that you had an excellent Sunday!


Thank you! I hope you did as well!

You're welcome, and I must say that I did!


Totally on point and very true 😊👍🏼


Thank you!

You're welcome 😊

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