What keeps you going?

Last Update: March 03, 2022

What is your burning passions that keep you going and "keep on keeping on?"

Is it for the better future of your loved ones?
Is it to prove someone else wrong?
....and yourself right?

Is there even a correct answer to this question?

Perhap the reasons change as seasons in life change.

My reasons are my kids, my loved ones, and I want to show my loved ones a better way of life. That it isn't just about studying hard, getting a good job, working, buying shit we dont care about, then one day, we die.


A better way is to build a business we care about, ideally an online business, that can work 24/7, providing good value to clients who love paying us, and yet at the same time, frees up our time to do stuff we love, and more.

What's your burning reasons that keep you going?

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JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Nigel, if I don't keep going then nothing gets done, my friend! Keeping going is my reason for living each new day to the fullet, to improve end rebuild everything that I have spent a lifetime building!

nigelchua Premium Plus
That is true - lets keep progressing everyday =)
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Thnaks, Nigel! I believe that we will keep progressing everyday. There simply is no other way.