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Last Update: January 23, 2019

Hi guys! I'm back. I sort of hibernated for a week and slowed down on the socialization part to work on the Level 2 training. I'm happy to say that it's almost done. This blog is one of the to do list on that training.

I'm quite uneasy with this as I'm not the kind who writes out plans or goals. Not that I don't have plans or goals, I just sort of save them up in my mind. Maybe it's a result of doing the same type of work for 26 years in which I sort of know where my year is heading.

But now that I'm with WA and does not follow a certain schedule, I agree with Kyle that it is beneficial.

So to start :

In 3 months I hope to finish most of my training and hopefully have written at least close to 25 or more blogs. I also hope that at that time I would be able to see my rank goes up. Before the 3rd month I hope to add adds on my website.

In 6 months, hopefully the blogs in 3 months would have doubled up. By that time I would like my website to have some traffic. I really hope that by 6 months I'm used to this type of work where my time is mine in which I wouldn't be always surprised on where has the time went.

I'm really trying to be organized and be more productive with WA. I'm trying so hard for life not to be in the way. That's why I praise those stay at home mom or housewives that chose not to work at the beginning of marriage or not at all...I realize now how difficult it can be at times.

But being that I'm there now. I choose to look at the positive. I'm blessed! I'm blessed to have the freedom to see my 2 daughters go off to school every day and to be able to pick them up after. To be able to eat meals with them every day and enjoy some other activities with them also. Compare to before where we hardly see each other due to my busy work schedules.

What Am I Proud Of?

I never thought that it's possible for me to build my own website despite me not being a technology savvy person.I'm just so proud of myself. I am thankful for WA's platform as it is very friendly and there's just so much nice people around who are always willing to help.

What Is My Niche?

Being that I'm a nurse and worked for 26 years in different hospitals and other institutions, I thought why not choose my profession as my niche. Although at first I kind of hesitated about it. It was actually here in one of my blog post that a guy commented that I should do it. And so far I'm happy I chose it..because I realized I have a lot to write about it.

So whoever you are that suggested it ...

and thank you to all those wonderful people that answers my questions every time and for those who gave wonderful comments on one of my post in my website.

Take care everyone!

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Mick18 Premium
You are doing great. Just keep moving forward.
NidaV Premium
Thank you. Appreciate you.
jbills34 Premium
I find you a joy and inspiration. Just what I need. Thank you and enjoy!
NidaV Premium
Awww. Thank you. Very much appreciated!
TommyVTE Premium
Your on your way to succeed keep up the good work
Have a great day
NidaV Premium
Thank you. You have a great day too!
Agobr Premium
Nice work keep it up
NidaV Premium
Thank you.
FKelso Premium
You are doing well -- just keep moving forward.
NidaV Premium
Thank you. Appreciate it!