Building NOW - Check BluePrint not Analytics, Eric Did!

Last Update: May 14, 2020

Has life ever circled you into a lesson you didn't quite get the first couple time around?

IN The Beginning

coach here at WA is the awesome Eric Cantu. No he doesn't know I'm writing this and no I didn't check to see if it's okay - someone will let me know after...heh, heh, heh.

ANYWAYS...early on, you know the newbie energy, we want to move faster than light in every which way..I asked Eric about whether I should be checking analytics on Google.

He is so kind, let me tell you, in his usual warm and powerfully simple expressions, he told me to focus on building content. He speaks and the wind fills in the rest...and the wind added... 'So you can actually have a valid data set to Analyze!

I think I had about 2 posts then....NEWBIE ALERT!:-)

The CIRCLE of L**E...Maybe?

In my haste to upload a YouTube video this morning, I must have clicked on something I was not supposed to. Technology that is new to you can do that:-)

Here comes the rabbit hole, I mean circle. YouTube is offering a certificate to learn about posting videos, analytics etc. Being totally distracted, naturally I had to get the certificate, lol. 6 lessons in under an hour I am on fire!

The prize - checking your analytics....YouTube just posts a standard notice, something to the effect of you do not have enough data for analysis. I swear I hear my version of Eric's voice in my head or in the wind repeating the mantra for building quality content ... Focus there First. Week 3 of starting a tube channel - only 22 videos and ...SMH!

While driving to work about 30 minutes after, I could not stop laughing at myself, LIFE IS GOOD. I'm grateful for the soundbite that came from my coach and Life in helping me to refocus.

Thank you Eric, appreciated!!

For the rest of us in building mode - like me, just under 3 months. Build according to the blue print as indicated in the training (talking to myself too). Let's focus on building content that makes Google take notice of our 100+post site (I guess 50 if you have 2500-3000 words per post, only been able to do 3 of those so far).

Be good to yourself and avoid them rabbit holes:-)!

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ericcantu Premium
See! lol.
Your mind is always thinking of the next step. This is a good thing. It won't ever go away. So just learn to manage it so it doesn't distract you from your focus.

Did you say you have 22 YouTube videos in 3 weeks? You're on fire there. Remember, if you're able to create content easily on YouTube you can then start creating posts for each video you're making. Then you'll be able to embed each YouTube video in its corresponding post as well.

The two can go hand in hand to help drive traffic to one another.

Thanks for all the kind words here.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Great advice from Eric, Nicole! Thanks for sharing!

Enjoy your weekend!

JohaneG Premium
Excellent post.
Nicole222 Premium
Thank you JohaneG, appreciated.