Are You Looking for a Good Timer?

Last Update: May 20, 2020

Happy Wednesday my Friends,

I found a really cool tool to help with PRODUCTIVITY. It's a TIMER - who knew:-)

I used it this morning to allow me to prime my FB Post. Love it!

You can get a lot done in small chunks of time - e.g., on Facebook I just did my first 15 minutes this morning and was surprised by how much love and comments I could give - massive amounts of stuff happening on social platforms - yip, for the first time, I'm really looking:-)

It's easy too and NO you don't have to join in. Visit the page and try it out (cover image)

Step 1 - enter the time you want

Step 2 - click Go

Step 3 - get busy doing you

Two things happen when the time is up, you get this visual below:-). AND you hear a cool alarm tone.

Another item accomplished. Hope its helpful to you. What are you using to help with your joyful productivity?

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Dadaz123 Premium
Thanks Nicole for introducing this productivity tool. I had been looking for one to help me stop my staying overly longer on preferred tasks.
This tool will do it with its visual and audio reminders.
Nicole222 Premium
Glad you like, it is so good for me when I am on FB or like you working on something I like....good for prioritising!:-)
JeffreyBrown Premium
I'm usually "off-the-cuff' about my productivity, Nicole, but this looks interesting! Thanks for sharing!