Persistence and Progress

Last Update: April 18, 2017

I joined WA because I was looking for a source of passive income. I found it while reading about another program and I am really happy with my progress since Mar 2017. I became a premium member within the first 30 days because WA is much more than what I was looking for.

I learned how to build my website using WordPress instead of using the limited tools provided by the different website hosts. I find WordPress interesting and it offers much more possibilities than the tools I have been using.

I chose a niche that I love. It is a bit unusual and it does help me be creative. I received many comments from the community and realize that people know very little about alpacas.

I learned the following:

  • How to choose a niche
  • How to create a website
  • How to increase SEO ranking
  • How to participate into the WA community

I would like to learn:

  • How to embellish the website by wrapping text with colors/pictures
  • How to make money with this site and other sites
  • How to become an Ambassador
  • How to share this marvelous community with my friends

I will continue blogging about alpacas. I hope to help you learn about those animals and their qualities. I will start shearing again at the end of April and continue until the end of June. July and August are too hot to shear and the animals would not have enough time to grow their fleece back for the winter.

Tell me about your experience with WA and your niche. I am looking forward to hearing from you.


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MelaniLukito Premium
Hi Nico, many lessons to be learnt here. My niche is about health and I love building my website while learning more about how to keep healthy and delay aging. I got much help here because of the supportive community. Don't hesitate to ask your question cause other members will more than happy to answer it.
KeithMaki Premium
You have a great subject and are excited about sharing information..Great job!
Phil-58 Premium
Hi there
Awesome post and thanks for sharing
I admire your passion and I believe if you can maintain that attitude and will have success
Cheers and best wishes