Last Update: September 06, 2017

Well it has been six months now since I decided to become premium with Wealthy Affiliates. I love it. I am too busy. I am working hard on simplifying my activities to work harder and smarter on WA. Shearing season took a toll on my energy.

I live in BC which we feel stands for Bring Cash. It is the most expensive Canadian province to live in. It is also the most beautiful place in Canada. Lots of people say here that you cannot live in Paradise and not pay for it.

I work a couple of different jobs to get by. Not easy. I am setting my priorities and WA is one of them. I am getting back in the game.

Have fun out there.


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NicoAlpaca Premium
Thank you for your encouraging comments.
Dmorrow Premium
Keep studying and doing as much as you can at WA and you will get there!
TammiP Premium
Welcome back Nicole!!!

laparra1 Premium
Good afternoon Nicole, good to see you back again.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
wendyk Premium
6 months! Way to go.