Back in the Saddle!

Last Update: February 06, 2019

It has been three long years since I first quit Wealthy Affiliate and added it to my list of abandoned hobbies. When I first joined the program as a premium member, I didn't take the opportunity seriously. I was convinced that because Wealthy Affiliate was the best program out there for learning affiliate marketing that it would be a piece of cake to earn money. I quickly went to work, but when I didn't have instant success, I blamed the system and convinced myself I must have been duped again but another scam. Worse than that, I quit putting forth the effort that I desperately needed to be successful, further perpetuating my belief that the system was a scam. And so I sat, wasting three good years to keep building my skills

What Made Me Come Back Now?

I'm a little older now, and just a tad bit wiser. I have learned that success is made not given, and that like anything good in life, I am not going to immediately achieve all my goals.

I just so happened to come across Wealthy Affiliate again, and realized that I had not given it the proper attention or time that it deserved last time, and I paid the price because of it (losing three valuable years)!

What Am I Going to Change This Time?

One of the main things that I have realized is that habits require consistent daily action to build. You wouldn't brush your teeth sporadically and hope to have clean teeth, would you? So why would you expect to get better at affiliate marketing by only logging and studying or practicing you skills once a week?

My commitment this time around is to do something every day within Wealthy Affiliate. That may be as simple as replying to someone who is following me, answering a question that someone has posted, or giving someone encouragement on the money goals page or it may be as complex as writing a new piece of content, sharing my successes and failures in a blog post, or editing my website.

I know that if I take some action every day, then I will keep Wealthy Affiliate top of mind. And If Wealthy Affiliate is top of mind, then I will make progress every single day. And if I make progress every day, then I will start to see success before I know it.

I am thrilled to be back, and excited to keep learning one step at a time.

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RYAJeremy Premium
Nice work Nick,
Yes habits require consistent daily action to build, sometimes it's easier said than done. I brush my teeth twice a day. So it would be great to form great habits with WA as well, I know. There is a couple of words I shared the other day "Optimistic Consistency" to help keep you moving forward.

RoopeKiuttu has a great beginners course that I had a look at for motivation and to help with consistency the other day too. Even though we have both been here for a while it's worth a review.... Jeremy :-)
NickL88 Premium
Thanks for sharing Jeremy!
Freedomseekr Premium
Glad to see you found your way back, Nick!
I've been here for many years now, but I too lost a few although I never left WA, I just observed things for the most part...

Sometimes we're just not ready to put our heart in it for whatever reason, or that thing called life might pull us away from our focus here for awhile, which is what happened for me.

Anyways, you're definitely right, every little step you do each day adds up over time...each one taken is one more closer to your goals. Don't worry you'll get there! Just keep doing what you can do each day no matter how small it may seem!

Best wishes :) ~Sherry
Nancy29 Premium
I love your teeth brushing analogy. Wish I had thought of it! Glad you're back and I wish you great success.
NickL88 Premium
Thank you!
NWTDennis Premium
Some lessons must be learned the hard way Nick. But once learned your determination to stay the course will be a key part of your success story.

As you can see WA has improved thanks to K&Cs; commitment to continuous improvement. And more improvements will be forth coming.

Here's a great post by Kyle on this subject in case you missed it. So you really are in the right place.
NickL88 Premium
Thank you for sharing that post!
unigirl Premium
Glad to see you made it back.
I to joined same year as you
and got lost.

NickL88 Premium
Wealthy Affiliate gives you all the tools, but it still requires lots of hard work! It's easy to get lost, but instead of seeing it as failure, I just ask myself what I can do better the next time. I think the community here really helps as well and can help motivate when you're feeling stuck.