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February 06, 2019
It has been three long years since I first quit Wealthy Affiliate and added it to my list of abandoned hobbies. When I first joined the program as a premium member, I didn't take the opportunity seriously. I was convinced that because Wealthy Affiliate was the best program out there for learning affiliate marketing that it would be a piece of cake to earn money. I quickly went to work, but when I didn't have instant success, I blamed the system and convinced myself I must have been duped again
May 04, 2016
Wow, my first week as a Premium member is almost complete, and I am just soaking in this amazing supportive community!I have spent the first week observing and learning, taking in as much as possible. I am nearly through course 2, and have also almost completed Jay's recent live niche training videos.Now comes what I think may be the hardest part for me. See, I am very methodical in what I do, always researching, studying, calculating, and making careful decisions. But, I know that what I need