Trying to pick a name for my website

Last Update: September 29, 2014

I have been trying to come up with a good and catchy domain name but here I sit, a bit stuck. You would think I should be able to come up with something as easy as this, considering I am a college educated writer but no, it is the simplest things that trip me up. That being said, I am hoping if I tell you all what I am trying to do, maybe someone will have a really great idea for a name. And, at the risk of sounding a bit cheesy, I will be forever grate-ful!

As, some of you may have seen, I am disabled. I have many issues but one of the main problems is with my joints. They are very loose and dislocate frequently. This problem lands me in physical therapy on a regular basis. I go to the University of Michigan for all of my treatment and there, I have learned of many products to help myself out and have also shared some with the therapist. I have then shared many of these items with friends and members of support groups. Many times people have told me that I should have a website they can visit to see my current obsessions. Ummmm, yeah I get a little nerdy about stuff and tend to research the heck out of an item before I buy it.

I also share the different ways I make extra cash with people because, let me tell you, disability doesn't even begin to cover all the bills. I try to tell different people about different ways, based on their limitations. Though, I try to look at it more as alternative abilities. I figure if a person is stuck with a disability, they might as well embrace it and do the best they can with it. Want a neon pink cane? Sure, why not!!

So, I started thinking that it would be really great to do as so many have suggested and combine this into a website. I might as well, less repeating that way and if I can make some extra money, YAY! This is what led me to WA. So, now, if I can only think of a great name, that is easy to remember (chronic pain leads to a very short term memory for many people), I will be on my way. I look forward to any suggestions anyone has!!

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EddySalomon Premium

Folks are giving you some good ideas to think about it. :)
NGansley Premium
They absolutely are! Makes me all warm and fuzzy knowing people care enough to help out! Better than a traditional university class! I said I would never do online classes at a University again, so glad I made the decision that this is not the same!
EddySalomon Premium
Amen to that Nicole!
benzburg Premium

Wish u d best . . . .
NGansley Premium
Hi benzburg, thank you for the help. Sorry if my blog post was confusing. I don't really want to focus on pain, just was trying to explain why I wanted it to be easy to remember. I tried to clean up my idea in a comment below. Again, thank you so much for responding so quickly! It is amazing to me how many people in this community are always ready to jump in and help out!
sdawson Premium
I understand chronic pain, no fun. Sometimes you just have to keep on regardless. So explain what you want your website to be about again.
Think, what do I want to write about from now on.
Think, what products can I write about on my site to point to affiliates.

Some ideals:

Living with limited mobility
Help when you are limited
Dealing with limitations
Living with limitations
Beating your limitations
Breaking Free of Your Limitations
Breaking Free of limitations
Disabled but Free
NGansley Premium
Thanks sdawson, I think I might be able to explain a little better. I don't really want my website to be about a disability or any cures/quick fixes etc. I think we all get bombarded with enough of those. What I have come to realize, by being disabled, is that nothing can "fix" us but many things can provide little bits of help. I want my website to be about those little bits. For example, my gas cap is near impossible for me to open. It can be a bit embarrassing to have to ask an attendant twice my age to open my gas tank for me... I Talked to my hand therapist and she didn't have a real good idea for me. Well, I kept searching and searching and finally discovered a lever type thing to help. When my site is up and going, I would like to share how that simple item helped me enough that now I can pump gas on my own. It didn't fix my hand but it solved the problem. It is a small thing but it makes my day a little easier.

So, I want to share products, techniques and programs that can make life for disabled people, a little easier. No magical cures, fad diets, magic bracelets or any of the sort. I Know how hard it is to find quality items and how easy it is to buy just about anything that promises to help with pain but will end up living in the back of a closet for eternity!! I can think of several affiliate programs I can get involved in and many little programs to make small revenue streams.

Does this clear it up at all? Hope so and hope your doing better by the time you read this!! Good luck with your Bing issues!!
sdawson Premium
That helps, so you need a domain name for that site. I bet folks here can help you come up with one that tickles your fancy.
Disabled-things that help
Help for your limitations

here are some words that mean help: Found using Word

more suggestions:
Relief for you
assistance for the disabled

here are some words that mean limitations:

more suggestions:
Ease for your limitations
Limitation easement
Limiting your disability
Stretching the borders
Stretching your limits
Opening the borders
Breaking down boundaries
Encouragement for the disabled
Breaking down limitations
Ending limitations
Ending Confinement
Disabled without limits

some words that mean cure:
Make well

more suggestions:
Alleviate your limitations
Disablement Alleviated
Treat your limitations
rehab yourself
rehabilitating yourself
tools for the disabled
help for the disabled

Anyway I would work through what you visualize the site to be and come up with 2 or 3 potential domain names then post them here and ask what the community thinks.
Hope this gives you some ideas.
NGansley Premium
Wow! I am way to tired at this point to really think about all the ideas you wrote down but can't wait to get to them tomorrow!! I totally planned to come up with a potential list from the suggestions here and my own fuzzy brain and then put them up for comments and votes. I am so excited to be finally getting a move on this!

On another note, I don't have fibro but I do have similar issues. I don't talk about the extent of my issues or exact causes on public boards but if you ever need to chat/vent etc, feel free to private message me. I am pretty good at listening ☺️
AngelaHall Premium
NGansley Premium
Thanks AngelaHall, I love plays on words! This gave me a few to think about.
AngelaHall Premium
Yes, I was thinking you were looking for something that doesn't focus on a disabled person's limitations. And with so many inventions (I'm sure you know more than I), a disability doesn't have to be a limitation. I can't wait to see what you come up with and what you will have on your site!
NGansley Premium
Thanks for the encouragement AngelaHall! I can't wait either! I am hoping to take some of the suggestions and mix it with your word play and find a name that is still available!! I can't wait either!
AngelaHall Premium
Hi Nicole!
I just wanted to check on you and see how things are going. Let us know if we can be of any more help. :)
NGansley Premium
Awe, thanks so much for checking on me. I haven't really had time to do much. My bestest girlfriend is going in for major surgery on Thursday and I am trying to get everything taken care of before then so I can spend as much time as possible with her!! I am hoping to spend a little time today thinking about names tho!
AngelaHall Premium
No rush. No one here is in a race. :)
Your subject was just very interesting to me and I can't wait to see what you've got.
I wish the best for your friend. Do what you need to, we're not going anywhere. :)
NGansley Premium
Thanks! I just published another blog with a few names. I would love your take on them and to see if you can do any word play with them!!
AngelaHall Premium
Sure, I'll look now. :)