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Last Update: Jan 31, 2023

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Have you ever found it quite difficult to change between your work role and your family role?

It can be daunting, isn't it

I felt super proud this weekend because at last I get to give advice that was neither nurse, teacher or counsellor related, but mom related.

Well at least it was initially for the first 10 mins. :)

I had 3 very deep conversations with my adult children. They were all struggling in their present choice of career and wanted directions on how to change.

They each was feeling the same frustration and uncertainty.

They all wanted to know how to start working online.

I gave advice on all that was taught here at Wealthy Affiliate plus my other researches on how to work smart and not hard by working online.

Sometimes all we need is a gentle word of encouragement to steer us in the right direction

Our doubts about our abilities and skills can make us fear the future. They can also mask our special skill sets that others find so appealing.

And that assurances was what I gave to my children. I listened intently as they each told me of their desire to change their lives but was so unsure that they had no skills to offer.

After going through some reflective exercises with them, I encouraged them to tap into their strength and weaknesses ,

Write down their strengths and how they can use their strength to their advantage in their chosen pathway.

It was an enlightening but challenging conversation that was full of doubt and uncertainty, but it was worth it as I saw how each of their faces lit up after completing the reflective exercises.

We all have unique skill set assigned to each of us.

  • Please don't discount any of your talents. It might be the one thing you need to secure that client or opportunity.
  • Always ask yourself what is it about me that draws other to me and my company.
  • Try and find the positives in all of your experiences.

You will be glad that you did.

Until next time,


What special talent or skill set can you bring to secure an opportunity or client?

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Good morning Simone,

I hope you're doing well. Thank you for the thought-provoking and inspirational blog post, it's appreciated.

You sound like you are doing what every good parent should do! We don't have children, having married later on in life, so I'm not experienced in this! I really feel it's good to encourage people, whether it's a family member or friend or even someone we don't know. I believe that all of us have something to bring to the table; sometimes, words of encouragement can help to bring this out. It's great that you're able to help and encourage your children.

I recently spoke to a couple of people who are in business on a Zoom meeting, they had some questions about affiliate marketing. They were fed up with being fed, fluff and listening to videos with no answers and then, of course, expensive upgrades!

Believe it or not, I was able to answer their unanswered questions! Which led to the web man creating a free Wealthy Affiliate account and purchasing some software through my affiliate link. The meeting wasn't about selling; it was about helping. I have made some useful contacts through the meeting and carried out a Zoom interview that will be uploaded to YouTube.

Wishing you a great day.


Thank you Roy for your kind words and support.
That's an excellent example of just communicating with no intention of selling.
You should blog about this
Well done and congratulations

Your helpful information led to you getting a sake
That's awesome

Good morning Simone,

I hope you're doing well. It is always a pleasure to encourage yourself and other members, the platform is such a friendly platform!

Thank you, that's a good idea, I might make a video/blog post regarding the subject. I do believe that honesty and being straightforward always pays off in the long run.

Wishing you a great day.


Good morning, Roy
It is absolutely worthwhile doing so
I look forward to reading it :)

Thank you for your ideas and encouragement, Simone, it's appreciated.

I have just realised, you meant blogging on Wealthy Affiliate, I was thinking of my own website! But I could do both, I hadn't even thought about Wealthy Affiliate, that's a good idea! Thank you.

It's good to have people around to give ideas etc.!👍


You're welcome Roy
It's always an exciting and excellent idea to give others hope especially if they are struggling

Thank you, Simone!

Yes, I couldn't agree with you more.


Awesome :)
Have a wonderful day

You too, Simone!


Awesome ;)

Good morning Simone,

My apologies, I somehow missed your email, regarding your previous comment and someone else's email, to be fair!

I hope you're doing well.


Yes, I am
Good morning Roy

That's good, and well done for being an ambassador again! I know you are busy, which actually makes your ambassadorship a greater achievement!


Another challenge for me to balance

That's true! I don't want to put you under too much pressure, but at the same time, it's good to have a challenge and I know you like a challenge!


Neither do I Roy
That's why I have to plan and do things at my own pace ;)

Sometimes it's hard to get the balance right, however, it seems like you have a plan and you know what you're doing! Which is fantastic!


Having a manageable balance is very important in order to be successful

Yes, very much so!

If we take on too much stands the potential to become burnt out!


And that is never what I want me outcome to be

That's very wise indeed and it won't happen with you, Simone, as you have a plan and you know what you're doing!

Have a great day.


Working with intent, Roy
That's all I'm doing, step by step

Fantastic, Simone, that's a good place to be!

We literally have to go step-by-step, and move forward at the same time.


That's the only way to do it ;)

That's true, Simone! But many people want to sit back and let someone else do it or do nothing and see no results! That's when it's so rewarding to see members like yourself moving forward.


I rely on my visualization and my why to help me move forward

That's good, Simone! It's always good to have a reason for the season!


Absolutely ;)

I had a similar conversation with my son a few years back. He continually moaned about how his job was going nowhere. The more he did for the business the more he was overlooked for promotion. In the end I’d had enough of listening to him so I disengaged compassion and put my mouth into verbal straight talking.
Either get your CV done, this weekend and posted out to firms by midweek or shut up. (Not as politely as that).
Within a month he’d got a better job, more money and now he’s one of the bosses.
I might not have been very diplomatic but rhino attitude trumps all.
Take care S.

I love your statement
"I disengaged compassion and put my mouth into verbal straight talking."
Very true

Sometimes that is the only thing they need to take positive action

Because we love them

Oh, definitely do
And we have their best interest at heart :)

I love this blog Simone!

It is so true like you told your children "Our doubts about our abilities and skills
make us fear the future"

Sometimes I do underestimate my capabilities. This is why I do not like labels in society so much. Such as disability!

I can sew relatively good, make jewelry.

Just observing our own abilities can prompt to improving on this too.

I have the talent for seeing never ending opportunities too, like online business utilising WA.

Kind regards

Erica, thank you for responding to my blog
I absolutely love your mindset.
I love your honest reflection of yourself and your visualisation
You are definitely on your way to more success

Thanks so much Simone, I love your mindset also so much.

I keep coming back to WA, because it meets so many of my working preferences out of all opportunities out there.

Thanks Simone for your supportive words, I appreciate it.

Erica, WA is an ace community and pla r for all of us to grow
The support here is absolutely amazing
We are all hooked lol

Absolutely Simone I love it here!

WA would have to be my "Trump Card" as you ask!

Right on! Erica
Your positive secret card ;)

For sure 😊🌟

Awesome :)

Simone, thanks for sharing your insight and wisdom, tapping into your strengths to find direction in life. I fully agree with you. I have worked with individuals who had so much more to offer to the world but did not know it. Sometimes, surrounding yourself with like-minded people who will encourage you to go deeper within selves to find their special gift is all it takes. You are a great mom and an excellent example for your children.


Harold, thank you for your compliments
I do try to lead by example
And I'm happy that it is paying off
Your support and response is highly appreciated

Sup Simone? Very encouraging words in this post. I need to become one of your clients.


What's up stranger?
How are you and how are you doing?
You have my details
Send me a zoom message and we can link up ;)



Awesome ;)
Now that you know

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