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Last Update: Sep 24, 2021

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Although my day job took all my time up working on a farm, I am back at it. For me, I can be so hyper-focused on something one month and then completely let it go the next month. Consistency and balance have always been my struggle. Now that I have the momentum I need, I am back on taking on the challenge of being consistent with a balanced lifestyle. Nothing is better than having all your ideas come to reality and not only that be able to monetize off of the reality you created.

I created to create a community out there for taller women. I love to complain about the struggle there is for finding pants that have sizes beyond the average woman's size. I will not only be using this website for myself but extracting and creating a certain kind of community where taller women can connect on anything, but mostly the fact that most clothes don't tailor to women above 5'6".

I wanted to create my website like a store, but I found that wasn't the way to go. Even though I want it organized like a store, it really is a platform for taller women to engage and feel heard or seen on some of the same issues they are feeling. Learning this, I was able to learn more about WordPress, how to make it navigate as I had imagined, and it still have that warm edge of wanting taller women to share their experiences with shopping and clothes.

Although my questions come up sporadically, when I do have a question, I do hit a peak in the effort when I can't find the answer, but for some reason when I keep digging for a solution, there is always a solution that comes through and it educates me even more about technology and the online world. To my surprise, no matter how stuck I feel in the moment, I am surprised and relieved when I finally discover the solution I am looking for to move forward.

Since I was working heavily on a farm for the summer, I became too exhausted and lost motivation for working on building this community. I am happy to say I got my motivation back and momentum to where I am seeing more and more traffic on the daily to my site and that is exciting. After every blog, I feel that 1% addition to my day, and that is what keeps me going.

My goal in 3-6 months is to keep building a site where taller women can feel they are a part of and so they know that there are others who deal with the same shortage I do when I shop for clothes.

I love looking fresh in my new clothes, but I love having options of all kinds of fashion avenues. I don't like being limited because of my size. It's so nice when you find the love and the fit. It feels amazing when your clothes bring out your best features. I definitely want to create a community and avenue where the likelihood of finding something that brings out your best features has a way higher chance than anywhere else.

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    Good to see you back. A good niche by the way.

    Hi Stephen, I appreciate the encouragement!

    Great goals, Dana! You are definitely on the right track, and your awesome title says it all: Consistency & Balance are the keys to success in any endeavor!

    Enjoy your weekend1


    Hi Jeff, thank you for the support!

    You're very welcome, Dana!


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