Recruiting Vs Sharing The benifits

Last Update: May 02, 2016

I remember the day I first decided to get into affiliate marketing. Of course I had no idea what I was doing, yet alone what i was going to be promoting. So I gave it shot and started promoting small affiliate programs. Heres what i discovered:

I absolutely sucked at recruiting new people to join my team. I was always afraid that people would think that what i was promoting was a potential scam. I never wanted to bother people. I Was not agressive enough. I just didnt feel confident in what i was doing!

However after analyzing all the things I had did wrong, and the perception that I had towards something totally new and foreign to me like marketing. Heres what I noticed:

1. "My fear of people turning me down"

This often occurs when:

A you dont believe in the product strong enough so theres naturally a bit of insecurity

B. Your trying to sell something to someone in hopes that they will say yes. This is referred to as Recruiting!

Almost 90% of the time when you go into the game with a recruiting attitude of I have to get sales, I have to get sales, I have to get sales, Often leads to you getting no sales.

Why? Because your not educating the buyer!!!! Your Not sharing the benefits!!!!!

"Sharing the benefits"VS Recruiting

Recruiting: trying to sell something to someone in hopes that they will say yes.

"Sharing the benefits: Educating the potential customer, being an active listener, allowing them to feel comfortable in what you have to say!! This has often led to sales every time I have taking this approach!!!

My thoughts

WA is a very powerful opportunity that if done right can be 100% fruitful in your life for many years to come.. Ok I am done blabbing now just wanted to share my feelings real quick!!! :)

To peace love and effortless prosperity


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JudeP Premium
It's a very important distinction Nelson and thanks for pointing it out :)
Nelsonsky1 Premium
no problem.. just thought I share a quick point..