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November 07, 2016
wow just landed a new milestone.. The law of consistency goes along way
August 12, 2016
You know, for the longest time now before joining Wealthy affiliate, I searched the world for ways to monetise on the online space so that i can live a life of effortless prosperity. For the life of me, I really had the worst luck finding that because I always felt in the back of my head that whatever I did try would end up being a scam. This happened numerous times before I eventually ran into WA DEC 2015 of last year.My progress so far has been nothing but amazing!!! Wealthy affiliate is lite
I remember the day I first decided to get into affiliate marketing. Of course I had no idea what I was doing, yet alone what i was going to be promoting. So I gave it shot and started promoting small affiliate programs. Heres what i discovered:I absolutely sucked at recruiting new people to join my team. I was always afraid that people would think that what i was promoting was a potential scam. I never wanted to bother people. I Was not agressive enough. I just didnt feel confident in what i wa
December 13, 2015
Hey everyone,This is nelson here. I hope all is well!!! I just want to take the time out right now and express to you how happy I am to be here and to have found all of you. One thing i can say, is that it feels so good not to be alone on this journey. We are really an army of 1 when it comes to building success online, and for this reason my progress so far has been nothing but incredible. within 2.5 weeks of being on board i have already created a site and really love how it is coming togethe