SWAG Report: My 9-Month Progress.

Last Update: July 06, 2018

Hey, guys n' gals!

Yesterday, marked the 9-month journey of my WA Bootcamp blog.

And although nothing spectacular has happened yet, I've made a small amount of money via new sales since my last update.

Oh, and now 295 sales to go until Vegas!!

Here are the results over the last 3 months:

May 5TH 2018 (7 Months):

I kinda forgot to screenshot the blog results (lol), but I published 190 posts up until this point.

Google Console Report For April 5TH - May 5TH:

WA Referrals/Income for April 5TH - May 5TH:

==> Free starter members = 7 referrals.

==> New commissions = $0.

June 5TH 2018 (8 Months):

Google Search Console Report For May 5TH - June 5TH:

WA Referrals/Income:

==> Free starter members = 6 referrals.

==> New Commissions = $0.

July 5TH 2018 (9 Months):

From the 14th June, I had a 2-week break from blogging to recharge the batteries. 1-week of that was spent sunning it up in Spain. Hence, why I hadn't published as many posts.

Google Search Console Report For June 5TH - July 5TH:

WA Referrals/Income:

==> Free starter members = 6 referrals.

==> Premium referrals = 2.

==> New commissions = $16. WOOP WOOP!

Like I said, these results aren't anything to shout home about.

At the 9-month mark, I expected to see a decent breakthrough in rankings, traffic and income but the traffic is under 50/visitors a day at the moment.

But if you look at the gradual traffic build up and the increased impressions over the last few months, things are slowly moving along the right tracks.

If the 12-month SWAG training is anything to go by and I continue to create content over the next final 3 months of the journey, then I should have a full-time income and qualify for Vegas by the end of September.

So I guess we shall see what the next 90 days holds in store.

If you missed my other reports, get them here:

==> SWAG 3 Month Report

==> SWAG 6 Month Report

Thanks for stopping by!

Until 3 months time...

Neil :-)

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MKearns Premium
Progress will empower you more each day!
neilrc Premium
Thanks Michael!

Indeed, one step at a time :)
RDulloo Premium
Congrats and thanks for sharing this, Neil. I have 16 free referrals and nobody has gone Premium yet. But I know that sooner or later, someone will find the value within WA and will upgrade. :) I see that you have had about 19 free referrals, from which 2 upgraded. So you sharing your results so far really motivates me to keep going.
neilrc Premium
Thanks muchly Reyhana :-)

Yeah, keep rounding up the referrals and things will start to happen.

Glad the results have inspired you.
Lazyblogger Premium Plus
Movement and growth is what count. Congrats
neilrc Premium
Indeed, Bishop!
merlynmac Premium
Thanks for the timely updates. I'm just starting on my WA promotion site.
neilrc Premium
You're welcome! Hope it's a help. :)
StPaul Premium
Wishing you all the very best.
neilrc Premium
Cheers Paul :D