Stop Everything And Do Something (Tip #2)

Last Update: Oct 10, 2013


Tip #2: Stop Everything And Do Something

I have a uncanny power to remember other things that need to be done just as I sit down at my computer to work.

  • The dishes need to be done
  • The bathroom needs to be cleaned
  • I need to shave
  • I haven't done laundry for a while
  • I should probably go to the gym today
  • The grass is getting overgrown
  • etc, etc

I can actually tell when I have an important task I should be doing because I find myself enjoying housework or other chores that I usually try to avoid.

This is a form of procrastination where I justify not doing what I should be doing, by doing something less important.

How do I beat it?

It does take a bit of self control, but the way I attack situations like these is to let all other responsibilities fade to the background. I stop, sit down, to do whatever it is I need to do.

  • Write an article
  • Email somebody
  • Make a blog post
  • Write tip #2
  • etc, etc

I disregard all other activities and do ONE thing. Though other tasks may suddenly seem more important, I have to weigh my options. What are the chances that after I finish mowing the lawn that I'll need to take a break before I "really get started 100%"... Then get hungry and need to cook, and of course watch some TV and let my food digest.

I could be midnight before I get started.

So, I have to throw out all other responsibilities, and elect only one as important.

When I allow my business to rise above the noise, I find it easier to focus on one task.

And that's how I get stuff done.

So, if you find yourself in a situation where you've simply got too many things to do, if you really want to get your IM business going, elect it as your top priority, and let all others wait another day.

But please remember to feed your kids.

Recent Comments


Great advice.I am guilty of having the same behavior most of my days.Funny thing is I am procrastinating doing important things by reading your blogs.

Excellent advice and very well put! Thank you for sharing!

Great post get er done

good post, like nike just do it!

funny. great post man. I found myself in the EXACT same position the other day trying to write my pillar article. Good going though!

That's what I like about writing about my own faults and mistakes. I can always find someone in the same position.

Tell me about procrastination! Great article, thanks for the kick in the 'xxx'!

So true, I've been doing a similar thing where I find every excuse not to get started and end up procrastinating for days. You are absolutely right, I need to put IM first before everything else and just get it done.

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