I'm so scatter brained! Will I ever do WA properly?

Last Update: January 18, 2016

Here I am about to cook on an extra day off.

It was a long weekend. I had to perform with a big country cover band Saturday night which took a great deal of time. They are perfectionist and I did my best not to let them down.

My daughter made her way back to college today after being mad at me for telling her of neighbors complaining about speeding. NOT COOL!

Went of Starbucks to tutor a student for ACT prep and saw another teacher who moved on.

Got a text to practice with another band for a gig this coming weekend.

Got another text from a third band wanting me to play at the same place I'll play next weekend.

Starting to stress.

My GF is in the process of moving her business and home schools her kids, but needs me for the math stuff. I'm certified in High School Math and SPED.

Got a fiddle for Christmas, but put it off until the show two nights ago.

Served as my own lawyer and got divorced last Thursday.

Got shrimp and chicken thawing and about to cook.

My girlfriend's kids are trying to get into a Jazz program and need home school help, so are probably coming by which is why I'm cooking.

I paid off all of my wife's credit cards in my name, and found out I owe more crap.

When our real estate appraisal business crashed, I worked like a dog at Lowes going in at 4am to stock shelves while taking night classed to get accepted into graduate school for teaching.

First time I went to school, I paid for it as I went. Now I owe a ton of student loans, but at least I have a good gig.

Got a second job at a trucking company so my daughter wouldn't have a car note. Wasn't good enough so she got someone to co-sign on another. - kinda of good for me, but not getting rid of "paid for" car for now.

Thank God the judge finally divorced me, but ex took out loans on cars and house I am still jammed up with.

Sorry. Had to vent!!!

I'll try to get back to WA soon and work it.

Just kinda felt like venting.


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JudeP Premium
Take care of yourself - things will get better
Missa3 Premium
I feel for you, It sounds very hectic in your shoes. I hope it gets better for you soon.