Level 4 of OEC Completed - Moving Forward

Last Update: December 27, 2019

Hello, Friends!

I hope you all are having magic winter holidays!

I am trying to combine my learning process here at WA with holiday season and I want to say it's been a pleasant experience since every time I am on my way to log in to the WA platform, it is all about joy and excitement.

Just finished Level 4 of OEC. I have seen many people here at WA are saying that this level wasn't easy for them and now, after I have completed it, I must admit that I feel I am one of those people too.

Don't know what's the case for this. I used to be pretty active on social media before, mostly sharing vacation pictures or hanging out with friends.

But there are several years now since I am more inclined to keep more things private and as a result, this lead to me being almost inactive on social media.

Level 4 of OEC course tought me to turn to social media again, just this time with another focus. I still feel I will have to get back to this part of training periodically.

How did you feel after you have completed Level 4 of OEC? I will be happy to read your comments.

I wish you a marvellous New 2020 Year and a lot of accomplishments in everything you do!



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Babou3 Premium
It's a great way to end the year, so keep going, you're on the right track.

MiaL Premium
Congratulations Natalie, well done to you 😀
BillandSue Premium
Hi Natalie,
That is a giant step each time you finish a level. I am not into social media for the sake of chatting. It takes away too much time from our business. The business side of social media is important, however.

I go through (that is my goal) about every 6 months the OEC lessons as some changes occur and to refresh yourself.

So best wishes on your efforts, they are always needed for business success.

ExpatMark Premium
Congratulations on finishing up Level 4. That was the tough one for me as I do not care much for social media.
Natalia777 Premium
Thank you, Mark!

The way I see it is that there are advantages and disadvantages to almost everything in this world, and being not so much addicted to social media brings the benefits of using it wisely and spending more time on building the website.

Just the way WA platform teaches us.
JeffreyBrown Premium
WAy to go, Natalie!

Natalia777 Premium
Thank you, Jeffrey!

Absolutely, there is only one way to go - forward and never give up!
JeffreyBrown Premium
You betcha!