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What is Schema Mark Up and how does it help Rank a Website in Google?Schema Mark Up is a method to label information on your website in a way that search engines can understand.Remember, SEO is not really about rankings—it’s about generating website traffic from search engines. Using schema mark up will improve the way your website is displayed in search results.When used properly, the search results will display as a “rich snippet” which provides a variety of additional
February 07, 2016
I have reached Course 2, Lesson 10 on my 15th day as a premium member in WA. My past experience on starting a home based business (online) unfortunately only ended up in losing my investment and also my confidence level. I wondered if I could manage establishing one.When I found WA, I thought what the heck. Just join, it's free. Anyway I was already searching for affiliate programs. Prior to joining WA I did enroll with another affiliate affiliate program university but unfortunately I found th
In this blog I will like to share the 4 different ways that a person learns and teaches.There a 4 different ways that a person learns and teaches! If you understand these 4 learning styles you will be able to impart valuable knowledge and communicate with your customers better. This framework is base on a guy by the name of David Cobb from Harvard University who is an expert of teaching and learning.If you really master the four learning styles, your knowledge will be so interesting to other pe
January 20, 2016
R = ResourceI = IDEASC = ContactsE = Expertise 4 Components you must have when you need to succeed in any business. Resources includes investment. Ideas must always come from you. Contacts are the people who are going to give you the money and Knowledge. Expertise is mastering what you want to do.Eat, Sleep, Breathe with RICE. Remember RICE every time you work on your business
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