My new Non-Financial Goals

Last Update: January 06, 2017

So I've started the certification course all over again (in fact I never managed to finish it in the first place) and these are my brand new non-financial goals.

1. I want to build my confidence.

It's always been my biggest downfall in life and if I manage to run a successful business that could keep me satisfied for life I think that would do the trick.

2. I want to learn to appreciate all the things I've got.

I do tend to have a strange obsession with money as of late and I think it's become a real problem. Don't get me wrong, I still want it and I want to be as successful as possible, but I don't really need to be a millionaire or billionaire (especially since that might require the will to do ANYTHING even if it's wrong or hurtful to others and I just don't have the heart for that).

3. I want to become an all around better person.

One of my biggest issues since I started this whole project was overall self improvement. but I've been neglecting the other aspects of my life as well. i don't quite know how to find a balance. I don't know how often I should be posting for example that won't stress me out or overwork me.

4. I want to actually learn how to learn.

I've had an issue with information overload since I first came on here, and it's cause me to start paying sole attention to the site and only working without paying attention the lessons anymore and I just sort of dropped off. Now when I do try to pay close attention to the lesson I find that its very difficult for me to focus or remember what I'm hearing (sorry Kyle, you're information is great but your delivery in the videos makes me feel kinda tired. I'm sorry). If I could figure this out maybe I'd know how to learn in other places too.

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WilliamBH Premium
Great Job Jaylin .. you are on the right track in your thinking. Doing some "Personal Development" might be a good thing. There is so much available. Many people recommend starting with "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill .. it is an old book and some of the examples in it are a little dated but it is a good start. If you google it you will find a free pdf download somewhere because it is out of copyright. Cheers, William.
Davidrl Premium
Hey Jaylin, I can totally relate to not being able to focus during the training. If you just hang on there though, it's better than tuning out. Passive listening is better than not listening to anything at all. I also appreciate your goals. I can already tell by your post that you want to do the right thing and improve your life and yourself.

I highly recommend you to read the Bible and learn about God's will for you. If you repent your sins to Jesus Christ and turn to him, he will forgive you and give your life meaning. We all want happiness, but I can tell you that the things of this world, such as money and even running a successful business, will all eventually fade. They are not going to make you truly happy nor satisfied with your life. Only those that love God and seek him will inherit the kingdom of eternal life. In order to be saved, you must be born again. /watch?v=OiFvk8mzgBo
vg9 Premium
This is good!