Website Space vs Storage Space: I STILL don't understand. Help me?

Last Update: July 21, 2018

There are some things I still haven't been able to wrap my mind around and this is one of them.

On WA's "Hosting" page, it says WA premium members have 30 GB of "website space".

On this post, Kaju "... confirmed that there is a 2GB storage limit here at Wealthy Affiliate for all of your combined data and backups."

I'm assuming that means 2 GB per domain.


1. The 30 GB of "website space" is for all our SiteRubix sub-domains and SiteRubix-hosted domains combined - right? It actually means 30 GB of "server space", total (per WA premium account)?

2. So... if we had 15 SiteRubix-hosted domains - and each one's size was 2 GB - that would consume all the "website" space (server space) we're allowed. Right?

(We wouldn't be able to have 25 domains and 25 sub-domains then, because just the 15 domains would have taken all the "website space" we're allowed).

3. Is 2 GB enough storage space for a site with the following?

  • 300 pages (mostly posts) (avg size: 2 MB each) (600 MB/.6 GB)
  • One saved revision of each page (extras deleted and database optimized once/week) (~600 MB/.6 GB)
  • No custom font(s)
  • No pdfs or other files visitors can download
  • One active theme
  • No inactive themes
  • Ten plugins (8 would be active all the time, 2 would remain deactivated except when I was performing tasks with them)

Plugins are the one thing I can't slash. I've chosen them very carefully and they're all necessary for the functions I need.

I know there are too many variables - including file size of theme & plugins, and whatever I'm not thinking of right now - to give a definate yes or no answer.

All I'm asking for is a "probably" or "there's no way".

If it's "no way", I'm not sure what else I could sacrifice. I've already slashed my planned number of pages/posts from a minimum of 500 to a maximum of 300.

By greatly reducing the number of embedded videos and large (but optimized) images (mostly jpgs) I'd intended to have, I think I can slash my planned avg page size from 3 MB to 2 MB.

The full-site backup I keep on the site will have to go too, I suppose. It's not as convenient, but I can upload the backup from my hard drive or external drive if need be.

Everything else seems to be a "must-have".

I only learned of the 2 GB storage limit/domain yesterday. Until then, I'd believed we had 30 GB of "website" space per website (domain) and the plan I crafted for my site reflected that.

My site is an "authority-niche" site and there's a LOT of information (content) that needs to go on it. It could never be more than a mediocre site - at best - if I have to slash it much more.


Question 2 is just verification of number 1, so no need to answer #2 if the answer to #1 is "yes".

But - I surely would love to get the answers to questions 1 and 3!

Is there anything more you can recommend I do to reduce the size of my site, other than slashing anything else?

Thanks so much!

Sat, July 21, 2018

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