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I got exciting news from Kyle today: the Super Affiliate Challenge (SAC) will resume soon! For a while, Kyle wasn't sure whether he'd finish the content for the challenge, start a new Super Affiliate Challenge, or "divert [his] focus to subsequent levels of Bootcamp".Today, he told me he has "certainly decided" to finish the content for the original SAC.He's hoping to get the month 9 challenge (on reviews) posted in February. Then - if he doesn't get swamped again, working on all the new stuff
This posted is outdated. For a new and (at least to me) exciting update, check out: content below.Month 9's SAC challenge: "Reviews". Coming soon(ish). Maybe. People who were following along with the challenge have been curious when it's going to continue. I was curious about that too, so I asked Kyle. Here's what he said:Here's the link to the thread, in case any of you want to join in the conversation:https://my.wealthyaff
I love seeing what people come up with for their 404 pages. Today, I went looking for WA's. Cute, isn't it?
There are some things I still haven't been able to wrap my mind around and this is one of them.On WA's "Hosting" page, it says WA premium members have 30 GB of "website space". this post, Kaju "... confirmed that there is a 2GB storage limit here at Wealthy Affiliate for all of your combined data and backups."'m assuming that means 2 GB per domain.______________________________________Que
I wrote a brief tutorial on how to find and download keyword lists from WA's soon-to-be-retired "Keyword Tool". People liked it. WA paid me! Just wanted to share my excitement with the community! Write helpful content and the money will follow. That's what WA teaches. My experience is one of hundreds - maybe thousands - of examples posted here, that prove WA is right.WA also stresses the importance of networking and interacting with other community members. My experience (the one you're reading
I've found the comments here at WA to be a rich source of information. A paraphrase of one I saw today is: "Check out how many pages WA has ranked in Google. You'll be amazed". I like to be amazed. Besides, I'm far too curious to leave unknowns floating around in my brain. The results didn't "amaze" me, but they were interesting. Since I was doing the research for WA, I did their other sites as well. Here are the results, as of ~5:00am, Tue, Feb 13, 2018. wealthyaffiliate. com: about 27,100 [ed
January 27, 2018
When it comes to understanding how search engine ranking REALLY works, Ivy may know more than any of us. She has access to some of Google's people and will be interviewing them for her PhD work. She also seems to understand how Amazon affiliate links do and don't work. Best, she's planning "... to keep a blog as a way of sharing my research..." There's more to be excited about, but here it is in her own words...If you aren't following Ivy yet, you may be missing out!Sharon(NannaGoosey)Sat, Jan
Want to join a WA mentoring and support group? Dave's is still (as of Jan 22, 2018) accepting applications! Dave (DaveSw) is an Ambassador who works hard to help fellow WAers build the businesses of their dreams. If you aren't following him yet, you need to be. He's starting several mentoring support groups so, if you aren't interested in being a WA affiliate, you may be interested in the groups for e-commerce, Bot marketing, social media marketing, print on demand, or offline and online busine
Jan 10, '18, Kyle posted: "I Am Going to Turn You Into a Super Affiliate". Members had 7 days to apply for the project. Then the post was hidden. Here's the archived version.
I pay so little attention to my rank, I wasn't sure - had I jumped up substantially overnight (as it seemed), or had I been moving up slowly without noticing?I went to the "Top 200 Members" page to see. I had, indeed, jumped in rank. That's hardly "post-worthy". It's what else I saw as I glanced at the rank changes that prompted this post.Many of you probably saw falls and jumps like these with the big algorithm change some months ago, but I hadn't. I wasn't in the top 200 then and noticed rank