I Still Can't Believe I Am Making A Passive Income

Last Update: December 17, 2018

For the past few months, I have not touched one of my niche sites due to working on something different...

But the one thing I still cannot believe is that it is still generating a nice passive income! When I think about it, the fact that I receive this income every month without lifting a finger is mind-blowing.

Then I think about all of the people who shrug in apathy at the idea that this is possible. The fact that they can't believe it likely comes from the same frame of mind as the fact that I can't believe that I make a passive income.

This new knowledge of how things are not always as they seem has catapulted me into more ventures that I have confidence about due to this new mindset that I have. This mindset is the direct result of proving to myself that I can earn a passive income.

Now, it is not as easy as I am making sound. It does require a lot of upfront work. But once you have it down to a science, it is only a matter of doing the work :)

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Dhind1 Premium
Congratulations on making it all work for you.
lesabre Premium
That is great stuff.
sdawson Premium
Awesome! Keep it up. - Shirley
JerryMcCoy Premium
Glad to hear that you have at least one stream of passive income. I hope you have more on the wayl
AngellaO Premium
That's the power of WA training! Much more success to you!
NadiaWP Premium
Thanks Angella! I look forward to growing some more over the next few years.