What is a legit way to make money online

Last Update: September 23, 2020

There are a lot of training and teachings out there that guides people to make money online but there is on universal one followed by everyone. And it the following:

Create content - get people to your content - let them buy from you.

Now let see what you can do at each step.

1. Create content.

It can be a website where you will be sharing your posts, opinion and research on a subject. It can also be a video content where you get to show or teach people on a given subject.

The goal in creating your content is to share information that will help people solve a problem they are facing.

For some people, they feel comfortable writing and others shooting a video. But at some point when you need to expand your brand doing both will become a must, and your business will really grow fast. So, the best thing is to start with one until you are able to join the other.

Make sure that the content you are sharing is what your audience needs. Do your research to find out if your niche market (the subject you want to develop in your content) has enough demand for you to make money from.

For all the research you want to do, you may need to use a tool such as JaaxyJaaxy. It will help you find winning keywords that people are searching for. It is always good to use such a tool to make sure that your business will get good results.jaaxyjaaxy

2. Get people to your content.

For any type of content you chose to publish, you need to pay attention to the SEO part. You need to make sure that you publish compelling content to take advantage of the free traffic.

Here is a lesson that will help you understand more about the subject https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/training/wa-affiliate-bootca...

You can also choose to invest some money and advertise your content to different search engines and even on social media. It is a very awesome way to scale your business, but you should learn how to do it efficiently and not guess.

I remember my fist time creating ads on social media, I wanted to do it ny myself and it was a complete disaster because I did not get the results that I wanted and I did not even know that I could transform the little I had and retarget people for better results. So, please take your time to research and learn how to do paid ads properly for success.

Here is a training that can help you https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/training/bing-yahoo-the-powe...

Another way to get people to your content is by using other advertisement means like influencers, reposting your content to some high traffic platform like quora, medium, linked in and more. Use any platform that allows you to share your content and get more exposure.

3. Make sales.

Getting your visitors to buy from you, click on your ads, and take action that will give you some income. Will depend on the quality of your content and the experience they will have on your website.

Your content should be informative and not salesy. Give them genuine information first and suggest whatever you want to sell. Reviewing the given product is a great way to help your visitors understand what the product is about and decide on it.

Your website should be easy to navigate and the content clear to read. Do not put many ads or pop up that will annoy the visitor, because many will just leave the website.

I know that finding the right information on how to run an online business is not always available or can be overwhelming, here is my number 1 recommendation that will train you step by step on how to build a sustainable online business.


As we can understand completing surveys can hardly become your main source of income or you may not be able to scale it at a level that can make you sustainable income. Now, my number one recommendation will teach you how to create your own online business that you can scale to a sustainable income or even passive income.

It is a platform that will teach you how to create your own website and you will host it there. You will learn how to create quality content that is SEO friendly. That means your content will be easily ranked in google and other search engines. That is what will bring you organic visitors and help you make sales.

It is mainly about creating an affiliate business, helping your visitors to find information, and the products they need to solve their problem. The training covers everything that you need to run your business like social media marketing, paid advertisement, and more. But you are mainly joining a community of like-minded people.

The community.

It is made of thousands of online marketers who started just like you and made it to the top. They are fully living on what they are making. Others are beginners as you will be and with the training and the help of the community, they find help and encouragement to pursue successfully toward their goals.

What members are sharing their business journey, the good, the bad to inspire others. They can also share training on what they have mastered the most. The keyword is helping each other to grow their business.

The community can also help you make some money. The feature of placing comments on each other's websites can become a paying gig for you. You just need to comply with their requirements and make sure to give quality comments that people will appreciate.

The Membership fee.

There is a monthly membership fee that you will have to pay to enjoy full access to the platform. There is a free trial of 7 days to give you an idea of what you can get on the platform. It is enough time for you to get a good look at the training and start building your website already. And I am sure that you will upgrade to a paid membership after that. If you upgrade before the end of your trial, you will get a 60% discount on your first month.

Build your future here!

Here you will build your future! The training will lead you to create a scalable business. One that will help you change your lifestyle, be your own boss, and create your company.

You will have the ability to go on creating your own courses, your own membership platform, your affiliate product, and more. I have seen people becoming full-time travelers, realizing their dream of living on a laptop income. Join us, apply the training to the letter and see the results, scale your business, and enjoy it.

This is a real lifechanging opportunity!

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