What Is Turmeric ?

Last Update: March 05, 2014

Coming from a South Asian Country, we grow up using Turmeric in our daily lives. We use it for cooking and for it's medicinal properties, for dyeing clothes and using it on the skin. But, not surprisingly, it is also used worldwide.

The question is: What Is Turmeric ? It is a plant that is part of the Ginger and lives for over two years. The Turmeric plants are gathered every year for their rots ( just like Ginger ). These roots are boiled for a few hours and, then, dried in ovens. After they are dried, these roots are ground into a yellow / dark yellow powder.

Turmeric is a plant which is native to Southern Asia. South Asia ( or Southern Asia )is one of the world's most populated areas. It comprises of the following countries: Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, among others.

Turmeric is extensively used as a spice in South Asian and Middle Eastern countries.

Some of the uses of Turmeric:

  1. Used in Canned Drinks
  2. Used in Baked Products
  3. Used in Dairy Products
  4. Used in Ice Cream
  5. Used in Yogurt
  6. Used in Yellow Cake
  7. Used in Orange Juice
  8. Use in Biscuits
  9. Used in Popcorn and Sweets
  10. Used in Cereals and Sauces
  11. Used to color some Cheeses
  12. Used to color Salad Dressings
  13. Used to color Margarine
  14. Used as an Antibiotic
  15. Used as an Antibacterial product
  16. Used as a Dietary Supplement
  17. Used as a Remedy to Cure Digestive Problems
  18. Used in Skin Creams
  19. Used in Sunscreens
  20. Used in Fabric Dye
  21. Used to Repel Ants
Wow ! Even I didn't know that Turmeric was so widely used and in so many different ways.

Hope this was informative.

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Rankine Premium
I have used it for cooking but I did not know that it can be used in so many different areas.
Ethan Glover Premium
Tumeric, Cayenne Powder and Honey, a powerful trio! :D
Nadeem2014 Premium
It is one of the spices that my wife uses to prepare every meal. Two days ago, she had stomach ache. She took half a glass of milk, stirred a little turmeric powder into, and, drank it. Guess what ? It did help her !
Kav Premium
Very informative indeed. Didn't know such article could be found here. I've even heard of it being made into capsules.
syl02 Premium
thanks for the info. I have learned about Turmeric and its healing properties not too long ago. Awesome stuff.