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March 05, 2014
It is almost a month since I joined Wealthy Affiliate. I still think that I made the Right decision. WA has one of the BEST trainings available out there. Yes, I have checked ! There is tremendous value in the Premium Membership, which, by the way, I upgraded to the very next day ( or was it the same day ? ). What have I accomplished during the ( almost ) month ? I am learning I am building my network ( following 971 and 257 are following me ) I have 8 blogs under my name I build ( or attempted
It is very simple. Just follow the steps: Dashboard Users Your Profile Scroll to the bottom, Under the Bold Heading " About Yourself " New Password ( add your new password here ) Repeat New Password Update Profile That's it. You are done !
One of the MAIN ingredient of WA is that all members are REQUIRED to help each other. By introducing the Ranking System, they made sure that it was practiced. The more you interact with each other, help each other, take part in discussions ( helping solve issues ) and Blogging., the HIGHER you Rank. Simple as that ! The Three ( 3 ) components that make up the Overall Member Rank are: Helper Creator Activity By being active in all three components will help increase your Ranking. It's a Stat
February 21, 2014
I suffered from severe Allergies for a long time. I tried Echinacea for a few weeks. It did help me control my Allergies. One day, I went to see my friend. She was a Pharmacist at a Rite Aid Pharmacy in Queens, New York. I mentioned that I had been using Echinacea for a few weeks, with positive results. She told me stop using Echinacea. She told me that I could get side effects if I kept on using Echinacea for a long time. She told me that the proper way would be to use it for two weeks, then t
February 18, 2014
Coming from a South Asian Country, we grow up using Turmeric in our daily lives. We use it for cooking and for it's medicinal properties, for dyeing clothes and using it on the skin. But, not surprisingly, it is also used worldwide. The question is: What Is Turmeric ? It is a plant that is part of the Ginger and lives for over two years. The Turmeric plants are gathered every year for their rots ( just like Ginger ). These roots are boiled for a few hours and, then, dried in ovens. After the
February 15, 2014
This is a continuation of my first Blog " Hand Hygiene " According to CDC, The Center For Disease Control, " Hand washing : Clean Hands save lives." Feces from animals or people is an important source of germs that cause Diarrhea and some respiratory infections. These kind of germs can get can get onto hands after using the toilet, changing baby's diapers or handling raw poultry or meat. If hands are not properly washed, germs spread from one person to another, making them sick. Examples are:
There always comes a time in your life when someone close to you, such as your children, spouse, parents or other loved ones, get sick and need to go to a hospital. This is a fact. But, how do we find out which hospitals are good enough to take care of our loved ones ? There are several ways to find the Top Hospitals: US News & World Report list of the top hospitals in he nation JCAHO Word of mouth US NEWS & WORLD REPORT lists the very best of the Top American Hospitals and their rankin
February 13, 2014
HAND HYGIENE refers to the use of either alcohol-based sanitizers ( Hand de-germing products such as Purell ) or Soap and Water ( Hand Washing ). According to CDC ( The Center For Disease Control ), " Hand washing is the single most important means of preventing the spread of infection". It is therefore in our best interest to follow Hand Hygiene Protocols. Most germs are harmless, but some can make you really sick. Regular Hand Washing and/or using alcohol based Sanitizers, can reduce this ris
February 13, 2014
The very First step in the job hunting process is the act of writing a good resume. The resume is a very important tool. It can help you get that very first interview and, hopefully, that job. A resume is a marketing tool. The product that you are promoting is ( you guessed it ); YOU! Recognizing the importance of such a valuable tool, doesn't it make sense to really make it look GOOD ? A good resume should be simple, just not too simple. I always liked the idea of including my best picture on