Two Unique And Effective Tools For You To Utilize

Last Update: October 23, 2015

Hello WA Members,

I recently came across two apps that I found to be not only very interesting, but also very unique and effective at the same time.

I have already begun using them myself, and although some of you may have already heard of these, for those that have not I wanted to share them.

The first one is an App that can really cut back on your procrastination when put into effect.

We all know what it's like to be in the middle of a blog when our minds start to wander. You start to check your social media accounts, maybe read a few news articles, and then they next thing you know, an article that should have taken two hours to write has now taken five!

The first one is called StayFocusd - It has two primary features, the first one allows you punch in the URL's of the websites that you waste the most time on while you are trying to get work done.

You would then set a specific time limit, say an hour, and your the app will completely lock you out of accessing those website during that period of time.

Conversely, instead of punching in the websites you DON'T want to access, you can punch in the ONLY websites that you would like access to, and again you will only be able to be on those URL's for the given amount of time.

Google Chrome Version:

Firefox Version:

Second, there are many studies that show working late into the night with a brightly lit computer screen can disrupt our sleep patterns and throw our night-time schedules a little out of wack.

This second app, f.lux, allows you to input your specific location (estimated), and it will then adjust your computer brightness throughout the day, allowing it to cool down to warmer more soothing colors as the day turns to night.

It is a little different at first but I have quickly adjusted to it and really enjoy the difference!

That one can be found here:

Hope you enjoy these free apps as much as I have!

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fyre Premium
I definitely dig my screen dimmer on my Lenovo laptop and my Note 5. The lock out might be a great idea for ADD me. Google search is my crack. I go off on one simple search and...well, you know the story : ) Great tips!
TechniSmart Premium
Thanks for the info. My MacBook Pro dims when I wave my hand over the camera. Is that the same thing?
luck3 Premium
I didn't know MBP's did that.... I wonder if my air does, I'll have to try it.
krazykat Premium
Thanks for the great info!
GinaGo Premium
I downloaded f.lux and am anxious to see it working this evening! Thanks. ~Gina
luck3 Premium
I found f.lux through the bulletproof lifestyle. It can get in the way when doing color sensitive work in the evening (though not an issue if just writing blogs)
fmwaniki Premium
Great information there mykc724