I must come back!

Last Update: May 06, 2017

Over 2 years ago I signed up to WA in hopes of generating an income that would allow me to stay home. After a year of hard work I began to lose momentum. Last fall I landed my first full year teaching position after 8 years of searching and things got crazy. I no longer had time to devote to my website and basically walked away. I knew however, that it had potential and never deleted the site. I have continued to pay my monthly membership to WA in hopes of getting back in the groove.

Well fast forward to almost a year since my last blog post. I come home from a draining school day and find a check in the mail from Amazon for $106! Oh my! I do a little dance and decide to have a look at my analytics. To my surprise I am getting close to 150 visitors a day! All organic! The visitors I was patiently waiting for! Not to mention a ton of comments that I need to reply too! (Oh and the sales were all related to my posts)

With the end of my school year fast approaching I know that it will be difficult to get started right away. But I think I may have found something to keep me busy after the spring concert has concluded and final marks have been submitted.

It really does work! $106 is not much but imagine what it would have been had I actually looked at the website!

I sure do miss this community!! I keep saying it but eventually I will be back!

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nevrob Premium
Yes! and please come back ,you are an inspiration,
JulietAA Premium
And see you soon
RoopeshG Premium
Congrats on that awesome commission.Yes.WA certainly works.Looking forward to your return.