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May 06, 2017
Over 2 years ago I signed up to WA in hopes of generating an income that would allow me to stay home. After a year of hard work I began to lose momentum. Last fall I landed my first full year teaching position after 8 years of searching and things got crazy. I no longer had time to devote to my website and basically walked away. I knew however, that it had potential and never deleted the site. I have continued to pay my monthly membership to WA in hopes of getting back in the groove. Well fast
Well with Summer upon me and my recent work as an enumerator for the Canadian Census comes to an end I am feeling a desire to return to my work here at Wealthy Affiliate. I was feeling a tad bad for not checking in on things, thinking my website had to of tanked for sure. But to my surprise I actually made a few Amazon sales and still see an increase in my traffic through Google Analytics!Positive results have given me hope!! I am coming back in the coming days. Something has been missing in my
Have you ever sat down to write a post but get completely annoyed with trying to find something to write about or even the right keyword? I sure do and it can get pretty frustrating. I have lost interest many times and simply walked away because I couldn't find anything to write about or so I thought. As of lately I have focused my attention to fighting this content and keyword block. I will not allow it to stop me from writing a post ever again! Here are some resources I use to come with conte
I had the most amazing experience today and thought I would share as I feel it was a fantastic business strategy. Not to mention a very nice gesture. I headed out in our small town this morning to find someone who could trim my bangs. I usually go to a particular hairdresser but today I just didn't want to drive that far for a little trim so I wandered into a hair salon I had never been to before. Upon arriving I realized that they did not accept debit and of course I never carry cash. I told
Boy time can certainly fly by! A lot of things have changed since I joined WA 6 months ago and one of those things is my understanding of website building and affiliate marketing.I still remember stumbling on a review of Wealthy Affiliate and wondering if it was just another scam to get me to enter my email address just to watch a bunch or boring videos and ads. I remember googling WA and reading the abundance of reviews available and thinking it just can't be that good. These people must be ge
February 23, 2016
So I have hit a wall and now have become a little frustrated. Two of my posts are greatly enhanced by audio recordings but these appear to no longer work. After posting my most recent blog I noticed a big blank space where my audio recordings should be. I thought it was just me when a couple of people answered a question I posted here on WA saying they could see and hear them. Phew its just a glitch......but no its not. Since posting the blog I have had several people say that they couldn't se
February 01, 2016
After leaving my website for some time I was feeling a bit defeated when I saw that my stats had taken a nose dive in google analytics. I went from almost 60 visitors a day to 3 or less. Talk about disappointing.Just this past week I started to focus on my website again. I decided to focus on getting as much content posted as possible and worry about the pictures and fine details later. I think I may have made the right decision as I see my google analytics are starting to show some action. I a
January 25, 2016
Its been a long time since I have had a clear mind to sit and write. The truth is in the past few months reality has slapped me in the face. I no longer feel the security I once felt. My entire life has been turned upside down and now I am slowly trying to pick up the pieces. The one thing I know is I need to have an income of my own and I intend to make my website that income. I have not posted much in the last 3 months but I did get started this morning by posting a new post and also playing
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January 08, 2016
Well ladies and gentlemen I have finally posted a new post to my website. I am so very disappointed that I lost momentum but really want to get back at it. Considering I made a few sales (certainly not rich yet) without having posted in a month I think this really can be a successful endeavour for me. IT REALLY DOES WORK!I am ready to get back in the driver seat and make things happen!!! It can serve as a way for me to not only make money but to also occupy my mind. It has literally been runnin
December 28, 2015
A number of events in my life have taken my attention away from WA to focus on the bigger picture (My Life and the people in it). I have not, however, forgotten about my work here and fully intend to return in the new year. With my Yearly Membership I see great possibilities. Even without writing or even looking at my website I did manage to get a few more sales so I am desperate to get back on track. I will start with my update to my favourite post about plastic brass instruments. With all the