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Last Update: March 02, 2016

Boy time can certainly fly by! A lot of things have changed since I joined WA 6 months ago and one of those things is my understanding of website building and affiliate marketing.

I still remember stumbling on a review of Wealthy Affiliate and wondering if it was just another scam to get me to enter my email address just to watch a bunch or boring videos and ads. I remember googling WA and reading the abundance of reviews available and thinking it just can't be that good. These people must be getting paid to say such nice things. None the less, it was free to start so I took a chance and had a look.

Boy was I surprised when I found a complete community ready to lend a hand, an abundance of training material, and best of all a place to start my website for free with no strings attached. I had to be dreaming right?

Well if it is indeed a dream, I haven't actually woke up yet and I don't think I want to. After 6 months I have a fully functioning website that has made me extremely proud. It may not be making me rich right now but I see potential and that's good enough for me.

Website Stats

Since this is a success post I will share the most recent stats for my website and some goals I would like to set for the near future. Currently my website has:

  • 10 Pages
  • 58 Posts
  • 493 Approved Comments
  • an average of between 5 and 10 organic visitors a day. (I have had some really good days with more then 20)

I have also had some luck with google Adsense and Infolinks (a new addition to my website), As well as several sales through Amazon.


One thing I haven't done since starting my website is set strict goals. I know the training tells us to do so but I am always too afraid that I won't meet them so I choose to stay away from them. Thus I will start with some easy goals and see how I make out. Here a few I have in mind:

  • Reach 65 posts by the end of March (7 posts in a month)
  • Get at least 10 more great comments on my posts
  • Improve curent pages
  • Make another sale in the next two months (By the end of April)
  • Increase daily traffic to at least 15 visitors.

I'm feeling pretty confident that I can reach some of these goals if I really work hard. In the beginning I had hoped to make enough money to be able to make one car payment a month and that is still on my mind. Below you will find my motivation. :)

Our Beloved Red Car!

Our Beautiful girl! (She thinks we will be giving her this car when she gets older)

Thanks For Reading! If you have time please check out my website and leave me a comment! All the help is greatly appreciated! If you do leave one, send me your website so I can return the favour!

Thats it Folks!!


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mjdimarco Premium
Fantastic. I'm so glad things are moving along well for you!
Mac37 Premium
Good job.
FarhanSidik Premium
Great blog post Melody. With enough hard work and consistency, I am sure you will only see more success in the near future!

Being a musician myself, I love your website and definitely think it has great potential.

Thanks, Farhan
JurieD Premium
Hi Melody, keep it up and set those goals. Success sometimes come at a time when we least expect it.