The Ways of a Troglodyte

Last Update: July 01, 2018

Help! A Troglodyte!

Several days ago, while going through our community blogs, I was extremely startled by a response posted by some errant Troglodyte who somehow found his way to our platform. It was his idea of a worthwhile response for assistance to another lost soul in search of directions.

How Do I know He was a Troglodyte

When I was back in high school, I had a penchant for history and other things historical. My specialty was tracing the development of society and social trends over time. Naturally, I studied the "origin" of "early man". I used to be fascinated by the tales of the heroic exploits of these "subhumans" and applauded their wisdom in banding together to survive and hunt the humongous animal predators of their time and environment. The depictions of Tyrannosaurus Rex attacking these unshaven denizens of the distant past and their valiant struggles to vanquish it, stirred my young imagination.

Of all the characters in those stories, the Troglodyte always stood out. I can still see him in my mind's eye: rough, unshaven, smelly. speech-deprived, unfriendly, club-wielding isolationist, ready to fight anyone who dared to approach him, for whatever reason. That's my mental picture of a Troglodyte. I didn't need an artist's impression to recognize a Troglodyte then or now. So imagine my surprise when I encountered this errant Troglodyte's traces here on a WA platform. I know that others also were flabbergasted to witness his presence.

How He Surfaced

Like you, I did a double-take when I first inhaled the tell-tale stench of his foul mouth here on the platform. He rose like a ghost from some bygone era, trying to disguise himself as a contributor in a discussion prompted by a questioner. The blast of sputum that spewed from his lips (with no provocation) could not hide his natural rancor. After berating the hapless questioner (and adding nothing useful to the conversation, I might add), he withdrew in search of his cave (I suppose) with a last growl of fury. These incidents have been known to happen in the annals of history.

I knew then that he must have been one of the errant Troglodytes that I have encountered a few times in the past. Although they sometimes disguise themselves as "racist", "intolerant", "right-wing", "left-wing" and other BS subtitles, the stench of their attitudes towards others always exposes them for the anachronistic misfits they truly are. I apologize for not remembering his alias, but that may be a good thing. He will "out" himself again if he ever returns to WA. I believe that he must have been just passing through and accidentally took a wrong turn.

Apologies to the Hapless Victim

I hereby offer my heartfelt apologies to the victim of this unfortunate event and assure you that these types of happenings are extremely few and far in between at WA. Unfortunately, in human society, despite its progressive evolution, some Troglodytes still exist. Like the dinosaurs, they too shall pass. Feel free to ask your questions here whether you are a free member or a premium member. This community will gladly help you to understand what you need to know, or point you in the proper direction. As a member, I take pride in my community and, to the best of my ability, wish you the success you are seeking. Errant Troglodytes notwithstanding.

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silverwings Premium
I love it! And I love it here at WA even though a new member and just starting out! I remind myself there are more people like you here ready to help than there are them you described. Thank you for your humorous view!
muhsayy Premium
You're welcome. I had the option of giving a flaming rant or a worthwhile rebuke. Since I was already smarting from his obnoxious behavior, I decided to opt for the worthwhile rebuke. Glad you enjoyed it. I hope that it has the intended effect on the offender. Thank you for your comment.
HeidiY Premium
Oh I enjoyed that blog very much, love your way of words, it was very entertaining.
muhsayy Premium
Thank you.
HeidiY Premium
You are more than welcome, everyone should have a read. I'd love for my website comments to be half as entertaining.