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November 17, 2018
The end is in sight! Just a little bit further. The trek has taken longer than I first envisioned, but it's been too far to turn back now. I have seen things that I never even knew existed but I I am now certain that there are so many things under the heavens that I am still to learn. But it is the sudden achievements that make life worthwhile. All the while you are slogging along, trying to reach your goal, and suddenly, without warning, you stumble on an unexpected clearing and the sun shine
August 05, 2018
Several years ago, I fell in love with the lyrics of a song. This was during my early years, when everything new to me was an adventure. The singer proclaimed in very soulful words: "Starting all over again is gonna be rough, but hold on, and you're gonna make it". (I don't remember the artiste now, but kudos to her). On first hearing that song, I took those words to heart as a motto. Several painful emotional experiences later, those words rose to the level of prophecy. But I really was a true
Have you ever wondered if the last snail you saw ever reached its destination? I know. That's a crazy thought, right? What do snails and other slow-moving creatures got to do with us and our day to day problems? Well, a lot actually, believe it or not.Several days ago, I cheerfully posted a grand fanfare about the start of the final phase of my journey to the new life I've been seeking. I can still hear the cacophony of drums and rattles heralding my most illustrious venture yet. Then, a few da
July 15, 2018
Yesterday I officially turned 65! I know that is a major turning point in life in this society. It can be a good turning point or a bad one, depending on how you take. Some of us look at it as a time to rest on our laurels and quit trying to make life-changes. However, some of us don't or can't. I am one of the latter ones. For me, the journey now start (to quote some lyrics from my homeland).I grew up adventure-bound. I travelled when I could because there is a huge world out there. I exchange
July 01, 2018
Help! A Troglodyte!Several days ago, while going through our community blogs, I was extremely startled by a response posted by some errant Troglodyte who somehow found his way to our platform. It was his idea of a worthwhile response for assistance to another lost soul in search of directions.How Do I know He was a TroglodyteWhen I was back in high school, I had a penchant for history and other things historical. My specialty was tracing the development of society and social trends over time. N
I Am Raging MadAren't you tired yet of hearing people spouting baseless doubts on the probability of making money online and other online financial possibilities? I know that I am. Why express these negative feelings to others who have dedicated themselves to using the online world to generate the income they want and desire for themselves and families? I am aware that these offenders are usually unintentional, so I will attempt to clarify the issue of making money online, once and for all.Two
June 21, 2018
If you want a quiet, relaxing place to be, don't come to WA. You heard me clearly. WA is Not the environment for the introvert, the seeker of internal peace and quiet. Rather WA is like a raging furnace, consuming every misconception you've ever had about online business.Before I joined WA, I thought of online business as an environment of ONE person (unless you got a partner) anonymously somewhere in the ether sending out a storm of "buy" commands to other anonymous persons randomly entering t
I feel like Twinkletoes! This training is freaking awesome. I was enjoying myself so much I had to be reminded that I finished the level. That should tell you how exciting these lessons are. Things that I have been doing for years, finally made sense to me. Thanks, Kyle and Jay! They have removed years of dirt from my brain. I feel like my brain has undergone a transplant, Knowing the why of what you're doing makes all the difference. I almost have to keep a ladder by my chair so I can get down
June 07, 2018
So I've just completed level 2 training! I know, I know, that's quite an accomplishment. Something worthy of bursting out the bubbly and imitating those winning car racers by splashing it on everyone in reach. Hey, you weren't thinking that I was going to suggest you should have a mouthful in celebration, did you? I wouldn't blame you if you did, but I haven't the head for it.But, I digress. Completing this lesson is simply a chance for me to continue absorbing the great info here at WA like a
June 06, 2018
Uncharted WatersThis is uncharted waters for me. I have just realized that over the last few years, I have become content with being lackluster. Honest. I have become a ghost of myself, so when I was asked to determine my progress within Wealthy Affiliates in the last month or so, I was at a loss for words. The question is: have I made any memorable progress within the Wealthy Affiliates community? A Resounding Yes I will give that question a resounding "yes". In just one month, I have accompli