A Raging Furnace

Last Update: June 21, 2018

If you want a quiet, relaxing place to be, don't come to WA. You heard me clearly. WA is Not the environment for the introvert, the seeker of internal peace and quiet. Rather WA is like a raging furnace, consuming every misconception you've ever had about online business.

Before I joined WA, I thought of online business as an environment of ONE person (unless you got a partner) anonymously somewhere in the ether sending out a storm of "buy" commands to other anonymous persons randomly entering the ether also.

WRONG! WA has shown me that online business is nothing of the sort. It is a concerned, caring community of individuals seeking to solve real problems for real people everyday.

Before joining WA, I thought that if I wrote whatever I felt like in my blog, people would accept my views without expressing views of their own. After all. it was My blog.

WRONG! WA explained to me that people view a blog as a place of engagement, a place where they can express their own views also. If you don't want other people's opinions, then don't put yours out for the world to see. Comments are the lifeblood of blogging.

What about my views on anonymously sending "buy" commands randomly across the internet". WRONG AGAIN! One of the first things WA taught me is that people DON'T BUY from poeple they don't know or trust. Why hadn't I realized that after sending out anonymous "buy" commands to the interverse for so long with minimal response?

I could go on and on about the activities here that stoke the fires of WA and its affiliates. Voluntarily helping and being helped by others; being taught by and learning from others; commenting and being commenting on by others; solving other's problems; building a network of like-minded participants; on and on, are standard features here at WA. Where can an introvert fit in at WA?

Yep. You can't find peace and quiet in the WA environment. It's not designed for that, But you can readily find the missing pieces of your online marketing business with little stress. It might not be the perfect place in the world, but I love it here.

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CATaylor Premium
I wish I could heart this! Well said my friend. I've never had a problem finding what I need when I need it! It's all right here! God Bless the wonderful, ferocious community here at WA!
csmith81 Premium
That just gave me chill bumps lol well said
Happy2Learn Premium
Thanks for sharing your views. Well said. Cheers