Need Help With Wordpress themes

Last Update: February 11, 2013
Lately I have been working to put a website related to Dog Chew Toys, i have booked a domain (Actually Jay help me select the domain). I have written some pages, posts for the same but i am struggling with the wordpress theme to organize everything.
I have tried to use many themes such as 2010, cyber chimp, purple etc but having lot of issues with the way the first page looks or the way i am able to arrange the content.

I need help to select a good workpress theme, a free theme at this time as i can't afford to buy a paid / premium theme.

Thanking everybody in advance.

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SuzeQ Premium
I can't find a theme I need. I am doing home remedies (and even WA link) but I can't find one with good reviews that serves my purpose...Going on 6 hours now...frustrated and my bottom hurts from sitting here :-)
tigertrap Premium
I just discovered how to get any WordPress included on the "Build My Website" page. Just navigate to the "Build My Website" page, scroll down to search the themes, and right click on the theme you want. Click "Open in a new tab" (if you want to save your place). On the next page click the download button on the right to download onto your hard drive. Then install it just like any other WordPress theme.
amfc Premium
Hi Mugs I love found some really detailed video at youtube by Tyler Moore. The newest one looks really great and easy but if you decide to use the themes he is using make sure to preview them first there is free versions and paid versions. The free versions does not come with all the bells and whistles. Some of his older videos used easier themes. I opened my wordpress site then watched video , then paused video, flipping back and forth. I hope that helps. MagicStudios also has some great videos here at WA.
welshy Premium
It's so easy to spend hours looking for that perfect theme.

Maybe if you show us some example sites with the type of layout you'd like we could recommend a few themes.