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Last Update: Sep 17, 2017


HI everyone

im deciding to pop in and let everyone know where im at in terms of my journey with WA.

I joined a couple of weeks ago and realised straightaway that all the value is in the premium account, no doubt about that. I love the certification course as it easily guides me through what needs doing step by step. It also keeps me focused.

I'm currently working on my website which is in the dental hygiene niche. I have made alot of progress with it, created 10 pages so far. Although i think i need to become better at writing content that engages people but thats work in progress. I feel when i master this part of the process i will have a very successful website on my hands.

My short term goal is to get the site ranked on page 1 of google, bing and yahoo (3 months)

Once that happens i will go in and start utilizing social media to drive hoards of traffic to my site, eventually leading to revenue.

My ultimate goal at the minute is 10k per month, which i know could take 1-2 years but im excited about the prospect of quitting my 9-5 lifestyle and enjoy life.

Work Hard, Pray Hard, Play Hard

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Please add me ass friend and I want two show you tools for your niche.

Congrats. on your progress, here's wishing you every success! :)

thanks rich

hopefully once my technical issues are sorted i can concentrate on creating a good business

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