Another Goal Done!

Last Update: Feb 3, 2017


Whoop Whoop, Yup, just got another badge. I am learning as I grow more and more everyday. Thanks to a wonderful community AND our awesome instructors and their oh so logical training. Thank you, Thank you, Thank You!

Now for that little bit of motivation that keeps me going.............proving to myself that I can be one of the "bright bulbs" on the street. I love helping other people and encouraging others and leading by example is one way to do that. I believe anything is possible if we just don't give up on ourselves. It is a special journey and not one that is reserved for only a few. We can all do it. Like the energizer bunny.....we just keep going and going and going! :)

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Yaay! Whoopin for you Miss Merry!

Thank you Michael. Means a lot


Congratulations, MsMerry.

thank you

Hi, Merry, Congratulations ! on getting another GOAL ! completed.

tks angie

Congrat's Merry on attaining your new badge. It is because of your hard work and dedication that you have come this far. Thanks also for your contributions to the community. It has not gone unnoticed.

Thank you Jerome. Your words are so kind. I appreciate that.

Good job! congrats

Thank you Sam

Congrats! I'm just in the website setup stages but you're blazing a path for me to follow! Keep going.

Thank you Steven! I will and you too.....

Nice job done! Congratulations

Thank you Paul! You have been here awhile so it is awesome to here from you.

...AND don't forget to cite YOUR personal motivation...the rest of WA can do just so much...the rest is up to each of us...and it is obvious that YOU have something we coaches refer to as the "it" factor...that's YOU...CONGRATULATIONS and...

Press On!


Oh Arthur, thank you! I forgot to do that......will go back and edit.

fixed it Arthur :)

Excellent,'ve definitely got "it"..

Press On!



Thank you Steve and Kris. It is a cool feeling to know you are getting further along. How are you guys doing?

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