You Learn So Much!

Last Update: November 19, 2015

Taking part In the community, Interacting with other members, trying to help them, asking for help, putting your site out there when you are still working on It.

All of this will help you out a lot! I have learned so much from trying to help out others, and follow discussions on Live Chat (and other forums here within WA). The great community we have here,(and I think I say this In every blog-post), Is the key to learning and taking the next step. Looking at all the great websites, and getting feedback on your questions..It`s gold!.

Today I`ve been taking a "day off" just to Interact (If that Is the right term to use), and I have learned even more. So don`t stress yourself, breathe and let It sink In for a while, and you will go at It with new energy again tomorrow. Never forget why you are here, and never let go of your dream! We can ALL make It....and we will..I will!

Many ppl start out like this: "sry this Is a stupid question but...."

There Is only one type of stupid question, and that Is? YES correct, the ones you don`t ask:)

Go team!


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kennick2015 Premium
It just has to be the best platform for learning how to market online that's available today. And when you consider it's been running since 2005 they MUST be doing something right!
MrWhite5 Premium
yes, I can`t believe I didn`f find It earlier...or maybe I didn`t look for It:) I will recommend this foa many ppl when I start to get my site together :) or already now!
Grendall Premium
I know what you mean! I feel like I'm in affiliate marketer's heaven here, feeling comfort that answers to my questions are always a heartbeat away!
MrWhite5 Premium
It Is! and when you take part In the community here you learn stuff you don`t even understand yet:) but will help u later on:) that`s also why I attended a webinar about something I`m not ready for yet, but It helps to have heard It before. This Is Wealthy Affiliate haven:)